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What Will Investing Be Like in 100 Years?

What Will Investing Be Like in 100 Years?

In this article we try to predict what the world of investing might be like in 100 years’ time. We would really love if you left a comment with your own ideas on this. Read on and then leave us your thoughts by commenting this article.

Here are some of the scenarios I came up with:

We will have blown ourselves up at Armageddon

Therefore, investing will not exist, because we’ll mostly be dead. If there are survivors, they’ll probably be too busy trying to survive, so they probably won’t be researching there next DGI stock to purchase.

The Third World War will have eradicated 85% of the population

We humans are pretty dumb, so we’ll potentially kill even more of our fellow earth inhabitants than we already have done in the 20th and 21st centuries. Perhaps if we do a world war again, we will learn from our mistakes and invest in love and understanding our neighbors with compassion and respect? Then again, maybe not.

Automatic global investment matching your needs

A lot less morbid, thankfully – A simple selection of questions will be able to determine your investing preferences, and this will be done automatically and globally. It will be more difficult to invest locally or regionally, because the trend towards globalizing different areas of our lives will continue at a rapid pace.

Tax breaks for investing in one-world government projects

There could easily be a one-world democratic government in the next 100 years. As much as I absolutely detest the idea, and think it’s the most dangerous (and simultaneously likely) political scenario to emerge, it’ll probably still happen, because people are stupid and they listen to stupid ideas. Therefore, the one-world government will also want more of our hard-earned cash and we will give it to them because of the generous tax breaks.

Tax breaks for investing in health research companies

Several pandemics may have come and gone over the next century, so health research will continue to be crucial to the global population. Therefore, generous tax breaks for investing in health research will be offered, in order to generate vast amounts of knowledge to prevent yet more pandemics.

Robotic/automated trading will be the norm

Why pay people when you can get algorithms, robots, and software to trade for you? Ludicrous speed superluminal communications will make it possible to trade in tiny fractions of a second, far beyond the capabilities of mere humans.

Everyone will have a globally diversified index tracker from birth in a child trust fund/equivalent.

Imagine having a selection of index trackers, or some kind of multi-tracker fund such as a Vanguard LifeStrategy 80 from birth. Even if you just put in a few hundreds or thousands of pounds at birth, it could be worth a lot by the age of 18, let alone, 21, or retirement age (could be 80+ years old by then).

Everyone will have the opportunity to save for their children’s university/other education with huge tax breaks

This is because the trend is for people to spend their own money on tertiary education, rather that it being heavily subsidized by the government. We had tuition fees come in under a Labour government, of all parties, and despite current rumors of a wish to cut fees under a future Labour government, I do not think it’s particularly likely. They’d be better off using some other tax scenarios to fund more benefits to working families who may be struggling with the high cost of housing in this country. With a growing population, can you imagine what a house might cost in 100 years’ time?! Yes, that’ll be £2,000,000 for the 2-up 2 down terrace in a run-down area of inner city Manchester.

SO, what do YOU think investing will look like in a century’s time? Let me know, share your opinion, leave a comment below.

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