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Viral Launch Review: Everything You Should Know

Viral Launch Review: Everything You Should Know

Becoming a seller on Amazon is not really very complicated at all. However, becoming an extremely successful seller? That takes time and commitment. After all, Amazon is the number one online retailer in all of the world. So, selling for them is going to take a good bit of work on your part if you want to make real money.

One of the easiest ways to get ahead of the curve as an Amazon seller is to utilize tools to help you research and understand the various aspects of Amazon products. One such tool is called Viral Launch. In this article, you will find a thorough review of Viral Launch features and the product’s ability to make a difference in your sales.

What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch’s tools are actually a suite of software that fully encompasses any issue that you may face as an Amazon seller. Viral Launch features a fully comprehensive method for driving your sales through the roof as an Amazon seller.

The Viral Launch suite allows you to compare competing products, product trends, determine keywords and more. All of these tools are necessary for driving your business to boost its sales, and unfortunately none of these tasks are easy to do without a research tool such as Viral Launch.

This is not to say that you cannot complete the research on your own, but as an Amazon seller you need to consider the time you spend researching products as wasted money. Using a product like Viral Launch can help you better manage your time and resources to maximize your profit. After all, product research is important but it should not monopolize your time as an entrepreneur.

There are a variety of Viral Launch packages which we will cover more thoroughly later in this review. However, Viral Launch offers many solutions for different business needs you will face as an Amazon seller. For example, some of Viral Launch’s tools that are most often used are their sales estimator, a tool for product analysis, their key word generator, and a tool specifically designed for launching products.

Over and above any of these different tools, though, Viral Launch is a market intelligence tool. This means that it allows you to boost your sales by becoming more and more in tune with the data and analysis of your Amazon business. Viral Launch helps you see valuable statistics and information about potential products as well as current products. Further, it allows you to compare competitor’s prices, keywords, and sales to your own. This inside information can help drive your business to the top.

Viral Launch packages are created for specific needs and services for each business. However, there is also a Viral Launch free trial that may convince you to at least give it a try. Further, there are often specials and coupons that should free you from your inhibitions about giving Viral Launch a try.

Features of Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a huge resource. It is complicated and there are many complex features that we must discuss in order to give you the full spectrum of what to expect from this software. For that reason, each of the different features have their own subsection to help you visualize all that this software suite offers for you as a business owner.

Each of these features is one of the many reasons that Viral Launch may be a great match for you. However, it is important to note that not each of these features is available for the basic plan. You want to consider which of these tools your business could benefit from as you read each of the descriptions below. Choose wisely where to invest your money for your business’ long-term growth.

Viral Launch Product Discovery

The Viral Launch Product Discovery feature is the place where most new Amazon sellers need to begin. Before you have ever decided which product or category your business is going to fall into, the product discovery feature of Viral Launch can help to determine which products are currently able to actually make a new seller some real money.

Once you are inside of Viral Launch’s Product Discovery feature, you will likely immediately understand the value of the feature. Within this feature you can use various filters to see the specific niche you want to see within the Amazon marketplace.

By utilizing Viral Launch’s Product Discovery feature, you can determine the opportunities that may be awaiting your business. This includes viewing data trends among current and potential products as well as which search terms are currently on the rise on the Amazon platform. Product discovery is a great tool for Amazon sellers who are just beginning or Amazon sellers who are looking to exponentially build their business.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

The Viral Launch Market Intelligence feature is one of the most widely used features in the entire suite of Viral Launch software. Without this feature, Viral Launch software would be considered fairly useless to most of the Amazon community.

If you are new to Amazon, then this tool is still useful to you as an Amazon seller. In fact, many sellers use Viral Launch Market Intelligence feature to determine which listings should be their first within the new Amazon store. This smart data system helps you navigate which types of products and markets you may be interested in working with within the Amazon marketplace.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence is the place where you can find all the information you need to adequately research a new product. You simply select a product that you would like to research and Market Intelligence creates a data specific report for that particular product. Within this report you will find:

  • Sales Estimates
  • A Sales History
  • Current Prices
  • Analysis of How Trendy the Product is

Another extremely handy piece of data that can be gleamed through use of this feature is an average cost of stocking a specific product. This will give you an idea of how much profit you can expect to make off of a particular product you are researching at this time.

Lastly, this viral launch tool provides users with a rating for the product they are researching. This gives you an idea of how you might expect to rank on Amazon’s platform if you choose to buy and sell this product on the Amazon platform.

Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool

Much like anything else that gets sorted into various levels of visibility on the internet, Amazon products are sorted and ranked for their visibility. Some of the algorithm that does this comes from sales, but another major player in an Amazon product’s ranking is their use of important key words and phrases for that category.

There are some generic keyword tools that you can find with a simple search of the internet. The problem that you will run into is that most of these tools are geared toward improving a rank on a Google search. Those tools certainly have their place, but they are not very helpful for the aspiring Amazon seller.

This is where the Viral Launch Keyword Research tool becomes extremely beneficial for the Amazon seller. All of the data that is used to determine the keywords on these research lists come directly from the Amazon platform, meaning they are far more accurate and helpful for the Amazon seller than the generic tools on the internet.

Even more beneficial is the fact that the Viral Launch Keyword Research tool allows users to filter in order to further customize and remove irrelevant words that pop up in that particular search. You can also see what words your direct competitors might have missed when they posted their product. This give you the opportunity to sneak in and rank higher than their products which will result in a boost of sales on your end.

Viral Launch Product Launch Service

This feature is not a part of the standard purchase of Viral Launch, but it is an amazing feature of being a Viral Launch customer. The Product Launch service is a great tool for driving traffic from external sources to your newly posted Amazon listing.

One of the greatest perks of using this service is that Viral Launch does all of the hard work for you. You simply provide Viral Launch with a customized coupon and they will distribute that coupon to a ton of Amazon users. Not only does this boost the public exposure of your brand, it drives traffic to the product page for your new product. When those page views translate to sales then your ranking will also increase on the Amazon platform.

Along with a Product Launch service, you may consider running a campaign through Viral Launch as well.

Viral Launch PPC Optimization

The Viral Launch PPC Optimization tool is designed to help Amazon sellers maximize their profits when they employ a strategy known as paid-per-click advertising. By utilizing this feature, you can automate your settings for PPC customers. Using a service to do this actually cuts your costs versus paying someone to deal with the ins and outs.

Just as the Amazon marketplace has taken off over the last decade, so has the use of PPC when it comes to Amazon sellers. So, you need to be serious and aggressive about this method if you are going to pursue this avenue for generating profit.

By utilizing this feature, you will also have access to the various templates that are available through Viral Launch for a PPC campaign. The templates are designed to multiply the click-through rate of each of your PPC ad campaigns.

As an added bonus, you will be provided with a ton of data surrounding each of the campaigns that are running through Viral Launch. This coupled with the automation capabilities make it extremely valuable to use this software when running a PPC ad campaign.

Viral Launch Chrome Extension

One of the really cool additions to the Viral Launch platform in general is the ability to use this last feature we mention in our Viral Launch Review. This feature is available only once you have joined and are a member of Viral Launch, but it alone may be worth the cost.

The Viral Launch Chrome Extension is an extension that is added to your Chrome Web browser that just so happens to make your life exponentially easier as an Amazon seller. This Viral Launch Extension is actually what we referred to as the Market Intelligence tool earlier, but the extension and the tool work together to make your life much easier.

Within the browser, you can actually search for product solutions, view keywords and phrases, and even see simple statistics and information about products you may be interested in selling. You can also do all of this from the screens within the software, but by utilizing the extension, you do not have to toggle between the two platforms.

For those who are visual learners, the ability to research products right from the homepage of Amazon is actually a major selling point for why this feature is extremely powerful. Without ever having to leave Amazon, you can find out all of the information you need to know about the potential of your next product.

While browsing the marketplace, the Viral Launch Chrome Extension provides valuable insight into the things you are interested in. Without ever having to leave your web browser. This convenient feature will soon become a must have for your business.

Viral Launch Pricing

We know what you are thinking now, this sounds to good to be true! I bet you are wondering about Viral Launch prices. You may be surprised to know that there are a variety of packages available in various price points. The Viral Launch cost is actually extremely competitive and well worth the price they ask.

Considering the vast number of offerings that you receive when you begin working with Viral Launch, it is no surprise that they have packages that range in the feature availability. Not every Amazon seller needs the complex software available through Viral Launch. So, with the packages offered through Viral Launch you can customize the price you pay with the services you need.

There are four different plan types that can be purchased through Viral Launch. These plans are billed monthly and as mentioned before, we think they are a great deal for everything you get.

Beginner Plan

The beginner plan is great for someone who is just beginning to work with tools to boost an Amazon business. If you are new to the Amazon scene and simply wanting to try your hand at being an Amazon seller, then this is the plan for you! The beginner plan only costs $59 per month, however the resources that come with the beginner plan are fairly limited.

You will receive Product Finder, which helps you determine which products should begin your Amazon store. You will have access to the Reverse ASIN tool. As well as the Viral Launch Chrome Extension which helps you research Amazon products right from your browser. Lastly, you receive a Product Research System. Again, a great deal for everything that you receive through this plan.

Pro Plan

If you are already an existing Amazon seller who is looking to buckle down and start making some real money, then the pro plan is probably the best fit for you. The Pro Plan is $99 a month and gives you everything described above in the beginner plan. As you can imagine, many of those tools are as great for scaling as business as they are for building one from scratch.

In addition to those tools, you also get the Amazon Keyword Research Tool. This tool is essential for getting the right Keywords to appear high in the rank on the Amazon platform. You also receive a tool that will evaluate your listings, and the ability to track a maximum of 2000 keywords at any given time.

The Brand Builder

The brand builder is pretty similar to the Pro Plan, but it does cost a bit more and has a few more features. In fact, with the brand builder you can track 100 listings rather than the 50 available through the pro plan. What’s more is that you can track up to 5000 keywords. This is greatly beneficial if you are increasing your listings as you build your brand. This plan costs $149 per month.


The final plan for the Viral Launch pricing is called the Kinetic plan. The title of the plan gives you a major clue as to what this plan is able to accomplish for your business. Along with everything that is mentioned in the above plans, you also receive the Kinetic sponsored ad management tool. In addition, you are able to view 250 competitor products to compare with your own listings. This plan costs $249 a month. However, you may consider paying for the annual plan if you have capital to afford it.

Viral Launch Solutions


If you are thinking about investing in a program that is as complicated and involved as Viral Launch, then you need to think for a bit about the future of your business. How do you see your Amazon business growing in the next year? How many products would you like to have listed? What would you like your sales to be? Now, answer the question: How are you going to achieve those goals?

If you are unable to answer that question with a solid plan that you can achieve on your own, then you may want to consider investing in a product like Viral Launch. Viral Launch solves so many business problems that many Amazon sellers do not even realize that they have.

Viral Launch provides you with opportunities to sell products in volumes that are hard to achieve, especially for a beginner. By learning to complete thorough product research you can save yourself from jumping onto a sinking ship without even knowing it is happening.

Best of all, a Viral Launch free trial is available for new customers. This means that you can actually try the software before you purchase it. You can give yourself a head start on understanding the life changing service that has been at your fingertips this whole time.


How do I cancel Viral Launch?

One of the best features of Viral Launch is that there are no contracts signed in the initial sign-up process. This means that you can cancel Viral Launch if you feel that it is no longer meeting your needs for your business. You can cancel your membership from the Viral Launch platform. You will remain a Viral Launch member until the end of that particular business cycle. You cannot get a refund for Viral Launch so be sure that you want the program before it bills you for the first month.

Can I use a free trial?

Yes, Viral Launch offers a free trial for new memberships that can be accessed through the Viral Launch website. This allows potential customers to determine whether or not they are interested in paying for a Viral Launch membership. If you decide not to proceed with a Viral Launch membership be sure to cancel before the next billing cycle begins.

Is Viral Launch accurate?

Yes, Viral Launch gets all of the data it displays straight from the Amazon platform which makes it one of the most accurate services on the market. You can trust that any data you see through Viral Launch will help you make important decisions about your business with trustworthy data and analytics.

Final Thoughts

Viral Launch is a comprehensive product that is extremely beneficial for the aspiring Amazon seller who wants to make a splash in the current market. This in-depth software is built for sellers who are serious about building their brand and making a big difference in their sales on the Amazon marketplace. It offers a real advantage over trying to do it yourself on a crowded marketplace.

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