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Top 5 Amazon Sales Estimators Every Seller Should Use

Top 5 Amazon Sales Estimators Every Seller Should Use

There are millions of people selling items on Amazon everyday. This makes the eCommerce site a highly competitive marketplace. To survive in such an environment, sellers must pick the right items to sell on Amazon and determine their profitability before launching their online business. For new sellers, there is no better way to make better decisions about products to sell than through the use of an Amazon sales estimator.

A sales estimator enables sellers to gain valuable insights about how many items they are likely to sell in the niches they choose. Amazon sales rank tools such as the Jungle Scout Estimator use historical product data and sales rankings to help sellers determine the outlay levels of the items they select. With that information, sellers can establish whether their investments would be viable or not.

Why Sellers Should Use Sales Estimator

Anyone who starts selling on Amazon wants to earn a stable income. The truth of the matter however is, Amazon is a huge online marketplace in the world. It has billions of customers and millions of sellers. Every year, billions of items are purchased from this marketplace by people across the globe.

In such an environment, sellers must find ways to stay ahead of the competition while earning money. The best way to do this is to ensure that their business decisions are well informed. For example – instead of just picking a product and deciding to sell it, they should research the item to understand, among others:

  • How much sales are they likely to make for each product?
  • How much demand does the item have on Amazon?
  • How many other sellers are selling the item?
  • Which keywords do buyers use to search for the item?


An Amazon sales estimator helps sellers determine their:

  • Estimated monthly sales
  • Forecast seller competition
  • Provide an analysis of future product performance

5 Best Amazon Sales Estimators

There are numerous amazon sales calculators out there. While it is not possible to find a sales estimator that is 100% accurate, the following are some of the tools that sellers tend to trust most:


AMZShark is available to amazon sellers in at least 12 countries. This sales estimator comes with great features that allow sellers to see a wide range of information. This includes estimated sales they could register each month, number of sellers who are selling the same item on Amazon and product reviews. To view this information, users need to enter keywords on the tool’s search bar.

Jungle Scout 

The sales estimator on Jungle Scout is available to Amazon sellers for free and is accessible from the Jungle Scout website. Of importance to note is that the Jungle Scout estimator uses sales ranking only, not individual items. Information that sellers are able to view on the sales estimator include the number of people who are selling similar items, offers in different categories and review of specific products.

To get more insight into sales estimates, Jungle Scout users can use the product tracker feature to view sales of items they are interested in. The product tracker enables sellers to get an idea of how well items are selling on Amazon through the use of real-time data including number of pieces sold each day, average price and the revenue generated per day

Helium 10

This amazon tool offers a range of features to sellers. These include sales estimator, keyword rank tracker, and eliminator of duplicate keyword. Using the performance matrix that is available on the tool, sellers can analyze trends in sales and be able to tell which items on Amazon are registering revenue increase. Sellers can also view data on gross revenue as well as net profit using analytics drawn from the past 30 days.



This is a sales estimator that is quite reliable in helping sellers determine monthly sales for items they choose to sell. The tool offers users instant data on sales volumes for items sold on Amazon alongside customer reviews and testimonials. On ASINspector, users can find unique tools including an item page analysis and a profit calculator that provide Amazon sellers with invaluable insights about sales.

IO Scout (N/A at the  moment)

IO Scout operates as an all-in-one solution for Amazon FBA sellers. IO Scout’s platform includes the functionalities you would come to expect from Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout ( IO Scout Sales Estimator , Chrome Extension, FBA Calculator, and many more) with fewer restrictions, and encompasses an expert Amazon Personal Assistant, on hand 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

Wrapping Up

Sales estimators play a critical role in helping sellers get an idea of the average sales they can expect to register selling their products of choice on a monthly basis on Amazon. Most sales estimator tools work for specific items, categories and inventory levels.

Though they help users in forecasting sales, sales estimators can also help sellers in understanding competition levels for specific products and gauging the performance of the various products they choose to sell. When combined, all these insights enable sellers to identify ways to market their products and increase sales. If you are not sure which sales estimator tools will work well for you, pick one of the tools discussed above and grow your Amazon business to the next level.

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