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The Best Free FBA Calculator

The Best Free FBA Calculator

Looking to Amazon to sell products and grow your marketplace holds many excellent opportunities for profit and business growth. However, one small miscalculation in your sales and fee numbers could lead to a chain reaction of unpleasant events that could lose you time and money in an instant. To help prevent Amazon sellers from making small calculation errors in their product information, many tools have been developed to help calculate your FBA fee to keep your operations running smoothly.

Table of Contents
What is Amazon FBA?
Why you should be using an FBA Calculator
The Best Free FBA Calculators
Amazon’s FBA Calculator
How to use Amazon’s FBA Calculator
Final Thoughts

We have looked at some of the best options for an Amazon FBA fee calculator and created a list of our seven favorite FBA calculators that you can utilize for free. Once you have learned about what options you have for calculating, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about FBA calculators so that you are ready to make money and ensure that you keep it.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA is a phrase thrown around all the time on the online market, but at exactly is it? Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon and is a service offered by Amazon that is intended to help make the lives of online sellers much easier. What makes FBA so appealing is that it takes most of the pressure of operating your business off of you and gives most of the operations required to Amazon. A traditional business model would require the business selling goods t take care of all aspects of taking orders, storing products, delivering orders, and everything in between to get the customers what they want. With the FBA business model, you are able to give most of the responsibility to Amazon and their service providers to take care of you and your customers. Amazon will offer you the ability to forget about all the stresses that come with owning your own online businesses by using their large infrastructure to take care of your orders and even allows you to offer two day shipping to your customers. You can have all of your products stored in an Amazon fulfilment center where they will be organized and kept safe until a customer laces and order and Amazon packs and transports the package. Gain an immediate competitive advantage over others with ease thanks to the FBA system.

Why you should be using an FBA Calculator

With so much potential for growing your business, the FBA system is a no brainer for the owner looking to expand and grow through Amazon. However, there are many fees and prices that are constantly changing and adapting at Amazon, so you must stay vigilant, so you don’t miss any price changes. To help business owners calculate their FBA fees and monitor their progress, many companies have invested resources to create FBA calculators. What these calculators do is take all of the costs that you will face during your product’s lifecycle and calculates how much it will cost you and your business to keep this product in the FBA system. This tool saves you making many complex and constantly changing calculations that are the foundation of growing your business. Without an FBA calculator, you could very easily end up spending incorrect amounts of money and put your entire operation in jeopardy. As a bonus, most of the best FBA calculators online are free .

The Best Free FBA Calculators

To help you find the best FBA calculator for your needs and preferences, we will take a look at six of the best Amazon FBA calculator options that you can use for free. Each calculator offers something unique to the user and may be more your style than other options. Regardless, we highly recommend you try out a few of the options we discuss to keep your business in the green.

1) Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has been one of the big names in FBA calculations for the past few years and for good reason. The offerings from this program are among the most comprehensive on the market which is why some of their features are locked behind a paywall. You may not have access to every feature without having to pay some money, but the features you do have access too are certainly going to get you going in the right direction.

2) Viral Launch

Viral launch offers users with a variety of options for how they want to use the software which makes it great for a business who is constantly on the go and adapting their business model. Viral launch only requires you to enter the URL of your product into their calculator and it will immediately give you fee expectations and data you can see to determine how you want to sell your product. You can even download the calculator as a chrome extension so you can use it in an instant without worrying about a complicated login process. In addition to the standard FBA fee calculator, Viral Launch has several other tools to help track your businesses future growth. The team at Viral Launch has their very own product research engine called market Intelligence that will allow you as a business owner to track products and trends to adapt your marketing process for maximum effectiveness.

3) AMZScout

Knowing how much you will have to pay in fees to Amazon is a huge help in operating your business, but what if you could know more? AMZScout gives users many options when it comes to using their platform and wants to give you as much insight as it can. If you are looking for just a basic FBA calculator, then this tool has you covered. You can simply just plug in a product’s URL number and instantly know what you will likely have to owe Amazon at any given time. You can also download the AMZScout Amazon FBA calculator Chrome extension for quick and easy calculations on the go. However, if you are looking for some additional information about your product and it’s potential, then you can easily find that information too. The application will help you understand the overall costs that well align with offering certain profits and even offers an exciting feature that can help you predict future profits of a product.

4) Seller App

Seller App is one of the more basic applications, but it is still very capable for doing what you need it to. The Seller App platform is very similar to many other FBA tools that allow you to enter in a product URL for an easy assessment of your Amazon fees. The simplicity of the Seller App is a great option for the seller who is fairly independent and just needs the very basics of a fee calculating tool that gives you just what you need without all of the fluff. Seller App has been pushing their brand forward by adding several features to give users more options, so you are not just lost without having any real guidance. You have the ability to work one on one with an experienced employee who will give you a very detailed rundown of how to use the Seller App platform. Work with the experts to help you make your business the best it can be.

5) Salecalc

Salecalc has many of the same benefits of the other FBA applications with a general user interface that puts most of the power in your hands to input data. The other applications would often just require a product URL to give you an accurate representation of what fees you will likely have to pay where as Salecalc has you enter in most of the information. For many people this may be an inconvenience as you will be forced to manually enter in all of the sales information necessary to generate an idea of what kind of fees you will have to pay. For those who like the manual process and want to see what adjustments can be made to their product fees, then Salecalc puts the power in your hands to determine just what kind of fees you expect to be paying.

6) Shipbob

Shipbob seems to be a very independent firm and have their very own FBA style of system that seeks to compete with Amazon. However, Shipbob does also offer you the ability to calculate your FBA fees with Amazon. They will provide you with several input fields that specify your order numbers and some product information to give an estimate on how much you will have to pay Amazon to take car of your orders. Shipbob then takes the information you entered and translates it into a very detailed list of costs and profits that can be made from your products. You will see your projected monthly costs and know what storing and fulfilment is costing you with your products. Although they are competing with Amazon services, Shipbob has plenty of tools to help you better understand your Amazon business. Shipbob also has many additional resources for general business development that can make for some interesting insights when trying to improve your operations.

Amazon’s FBA Calculator


If you have seen all of the other options for FBA calculators and still are not convinced, you can take your calculations form Amazon themselves for the peace of mind that their calculations offer. Amazon knows their services best and will give you an accurate depiction of how much you will have to owe them to manage your products. An FBA profit calculator included in the application gives you the freedom to test out potential products within the calculator before deciding to sell them on a large scale to save you time and money in the long run. Amazon knows their platform and options better than anyone so they can guide you in making rational decisions with their FBA services.

How to use Amazon’s FBA Calculator

The Amazon FBA calculator is an excellent tool that can give you one of the best ideas of how much you will be paying to Amazon for fulfilment needs alongside what profits you will see with your products. However, upon first glance the Amazon calculator can seem fairly confusing and may be difficult to navigate. To help you get the most out of your FBA calculator, we will look at the basic steps to use it with ease.

  1. Find your product on Amazon- The first steps you will need to take in using the FBA calculator is to search for the product you are selling. When you are on the FBA calculator page, most of it will actually be blurred out until you enter in the product. Enter in the name of what you are selling as it appears on Amazon so that the tool can easily recognize it. If you are just looking to see how much a product cold cost you, just type it in in the bow and find the product that most similarly represents your product.
  2. Enter in your seller information- With your product recognized by the calculator, you will now begin to enter in the basic information that goes with your products. The first box will be the item price which is simply the price you will want to charge to the customer. Make sure your price is reasonable and competitive or the calculator will show you less than desirable results. Next, you enter in the shipping information which if you are using the FBA service will just be zero as Amazon takes care of the shipping. If you are shipping the product, then enter in the price you will charge to ship the product. Lastly, you will enter in the total cost of the product which is just how much it cost you to make or buy the product from a supplier.
  3. Analyze and utilize the data- With your previous information entered, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the magic to happen. The Amazon calculator will take all of the information you entered into it and give you all the numbers you need to make your business decisions from FBA fees to potential profits you could see in the future if you sell with Amazon.


How to Choose the Best FBA Calculator?

With so many great options for FBA calculators it is easy to be overwhelmed with options and not know which tool will be best for you. To understand which tool has the most application in your situation, lets consider how much information you have to work with. If you are just starting out, it would be best to use one of the tools we mentioned that just asks for a URL to make its calculations. Using an easier tool like this will have the calculator do most of the work so you have less to worry about. If you have a healthy amount of information about your products, then using a calculator that requires more information will in turn give you more accurate results to use for analysis.

How much does FBA cost?

The FBA services offered by Amazon can be used by all types of sellers with varying prices and costs associated with your desired level of support. The way Amazon charges for fulfilment is based on the size of objects shipped as well as how much storage space you will need to take up at a facility. For the fulfillment services, they start at $2.50 for small packages less than 10 oz and can go all the way up to over $100 if you are shipping very large items. The basic premise o the system is that the larger the package, the more it will cost you to have the package taken care of. For storage at an Amazon facility, the price starts at $0.75 per cubic foot for most of the year with prices increasing around holidays.

How is FBA fee calculated?

Amazon is able to determine their fee for FBA services based on a variety of factors that can change rather quickly. The reason so many businesses rely on FBA calculators is that they help to determine the prices that are being requested at any given moment by Amazon. When it comes to the fulfilment fees charges by Amazon, these fees are going to Amazon to pay for all the essential requirements that involve the retrieval of your product from its warehouse location and everything in between until the product is delivered. Such an intensive process costs Amazon lots of money, so the fee of this service is calculated based on the size of what you are shipping and how difficult it is to move. The storage fee is simpler by just having you pay for the warehouse space you take up

What are Amazon Keywords?

Amazon keywords are basically a signal that s used by the Amazon sorting algorithms to notice products in their system so they can recommend them to the relevant customers. These keywords help to give relevant products that relate to customer needs and promote businesses. These keywords can basically be anything that is stuck to the end of your product description that places it within a larger category on Amazon. What people are searching for on Amazon is constantly changing, so as people look at certain products, the keywords attached to those products will be used to find similar products that also use similar keywords. However, just throwing words that make your product sound good will not improve the keyword identification on Amazon. There are fairly strict rules that outline how you can and can’t use keywords that every business owner should know.

How many keywords can you use on Amazon?

On any given product, you are given a set amount of backend keywords that you are allowed to use. You are given five lines to insert your backend keywords and must make sure that your entire keyword needs are met within that space. Each line is able to hold 50 characters, so you can use a total of 250 characters for your Amazon product keywords. What this means it that you have a generous number of keywords to work with when trying to get people interested in your products. Make sure to use your pace effectively and don’t just insert random keywords to make it look better.

What is SEO on Amazon?

Just as it is all over the rest of the internet, SEO is th basis for how relevant any entity is on the internet at a given time. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is the way that search engines categorize information to present users with the most relevant and accurate data at the top of their search. What this means for Amazon is that the stores and sellers who are selling the most relevant and useful products will have a higher SEO than a seller that does not use keywords and FBA to improve their business. SEO is a very important element of any online business and it is what separates the companies that succeed from those that fail. Improve your SEO by using relevant keywords with your products and making sure you are keeping your account active and up to date.

Final Thoughts

With all said and done, using the FBA service to help your business grow and thrive is an easy enough process with how many tools you have at your disposal. Today we looked at some of the best options you have for calculating the various FBA fees you may have to face so you can determine which on is best for you. It’s incredibly important to use tools like this to ensure your products are profitable and your business is viable.

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