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Helium 10 Review: A Deeper Insight

Helium 10 Review: A Deeper Insight

Helium founder, Manny Coats, started as a seller on Amazon. After years of research and deliberation to make selling on amazon into a scientific formula, they decided to fill the market void of tools that could help sellers sell more effectively.

The first tool they created was called scribbles, used for methodically optimizing amazon listings. Within three years, they revolutionized the market by building an all-encompassing suite of tools that can help sellers grow their business aggressively.

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What is Helium 10? 

 Helium 10 Pricing 

 Helium 10 Tools 


The Helium 10 is an integration of 20 tools that can save a lot of time and effort that goes into expanding business and crushing competitors to get ahead. In this Helium 10 review, we have collected everything you need to know about Helium 10. Then, we will explore Helium 10 toolset in detail and find out what makes this platform popular and if it is worth it.

So, let’s get started.

 What is Helium 10?

Helium 10’s app consists of 20 tools. From product idea validation and keyword research to marketing campaigns and review tracking, this app has it all. The Helium 10 chrome extension has been downloaded over 200,000 times.

Worldwide, 250K sellers use this tool to optimize their business. Sellers can utilize this tool to make faster sales. This tool is not available for Amazon retail.

 Helium 10 Pricing

Here’s a glance at the plans for Helium 10. The tool comes with a free plan and offers Platinum for $97/month, Diamond for $197/month, and Elite for $397/month.

 Helium 10 Tools

Let’s look at the tools in Helium 10 and how to use these to boost sales.

CerebroHelium 10 Cerebro is no less powerful than the Cerebro that Professor Xavier uses to find all the mutants of the world. This tool will let you find all the keyword strategies used by your competitors worldwide. Finding the right keywords for a product is the key to generating sales.

Statistically, over eighty percent of sales come from the top 3 to 5 keywords. With the use of this tool, you can make sure your products have all the top keywords.

To use Cerebro, you have to find out the ASIN of an amazon product and enter it in the Cerebro. The tool will look for all the relevant keywords for this product and provide a report. The tool will also tell you the number of competitors for the same product if any of them use pay-per-click and also the Cerebro IQ score.

This score lists out the high-ranking keywords by calculating how many times it has been used to search the product and how many competitors use them.

  1. Misspellinator 

It happens way too often that a buyer enters a wrong keyword, and the Amazon search engine still returns the correct result. That is because this algorithm considers the misspelling and does not need to correct it to provide the right answer.

With Misspelinator, you will know all these misspelled keywords, add them to your product and get sales.

  1. Black Box

Most powerful among all the Helium 10 tools. This tool finds the most profitable product for the category you want. You can search for a product by category, competitor, keywords, niche, etc.

Consider this scenario. You wish to find out what is the most popular kid’s toy in the market so you can start selling it. By searching with this keyword, you will get the top-selling toys on the list. You can launch your private label product, like the top-selling product, to capitalize on the market demands.

  1. Trendster

Sellers who are just starting out would prefer to generate revenues immediately. For them, choosing a product that is viable throughout the year is highly important. This is why every seller should know about product seasonality. Some products have a very high demand in only one season, like thermal products or beachwear.

The sales of these products plateau at other times of the year. This is not a viable product for new sellers who need immediate income. Trendster tells you which products fall in this category so you can avoid them.

  1. Xray

Xray is a helium 10 extension that lets sellers search for products that fit in a certain category. The idea of finding a profitable product is to look for a certain price range with not too many reviews. Suppose you want to sell fishing rods for $50 to $100.

Narrow down all the fishing rods within that price range. You are also looking for products that have less than 50 reviews, which suggests the competition for this product is not too high. Once you find a product like this, you can add it to your inventory. This can be done in Black Box too, but the extension makes the whole process seamless.

The other categories under which you can search for products are, revenue, seller who has the Buy Box for the product, rank of the best sellers, rating, etc.

  1. Profitability calculator

Using Fulfilment by Amazon incurs various fees for the sellers. The fee amount depends on the weight of the product, dimensions, warehousing cost, charges for shipping, CPC price, and taxes. The profitability calculator, or helium10 x 4, takes into account all these costs and calculates what would be your actual profit for selling a product, so you can decide whether selling something is a good idea.

  1. Alerts

Hijackers will try to counterfeit your product to dominate your brand and sell your stock by hijacking your ASIN and gaining profit. It’s impossible to safeguard against hijackers without round-the-clock surveillance.

The Alerts tool will monitor all your product listings and immediately alert you whenever there are suspicious activities on your FBA inventory. Alerts also report the hijacker to Amazon, so they can be removed from the marketplace.

  1. Magnet

Magnet is Helium’s proprietary keyword searching tool. It will find profitable keywords for you and inform you whether they are in your ranking or not. The magnet will find the keywords which have high search volumes in recent times from the entire Amazon keyword database.

It will also tell you how many units you need to get top ranking. Starting from only a keyword, you can build your entire selling strategy. Adding high-volume keywords help drive organic drive toward a product page. The magnet can help you get picked up by Amazon’s A9 algorithm, generating high sales numbers.

  1. Frankenstein

Magnet and Cerebro build a promising keyword list for you. But Frankenstein processes this list to remove duplicates and entries which are unnecessary. Any unnecessary keyword includes keywords from other brands or a list of features that is not present in your product.

Adding this keyword to your product is unnecessary, as the buyer looking for this keyword will not buy your product anyway. So you can safely remove it.

As a result, the Frankenstein keyword list is a lot of cohesive and manageable. This tool can process thousands of keywords very quickly to give you the competition of each keyword, search volume, and popularity.

  1. Scribbles

Whereas Magnet, Cerebro, and Frankenstein consolidate the perfect keyword list for you, Scribbles automatically adds these to your central seller dashboard through the Seller API of Amazon. This way, you do not have to manually copy and paste every keyword for every product.

It also verifies if you are using the most profitable keywords on your listing, and product description bullet points. Scribbles can be directly accessed from Frankenstein. The results can also be exported in excel.

The high-value keywords are displayed in a suggestion key bar, and when you add it to your product listing, it is scratched out. A superscript will show you the number of times you have used it in various sections.

  1. Index Checker

The index checker verifies that the best keywords are connected with your products. That there are no bad keywords that are negatively influencing the sales of your product, causing the good keywords to not index. Enter the ASIN of a competitor in this tool to find out what keywords they are using to get top ranking organically. By using these keywords for a similar product, you can boost sales.

  1. Refund Genie

When FBA handles your inventory, and they lose or damage any of it, Amazon owes you reimbursements. The refund genie keeps track of your inventory to track damaged or lost items and sends an email to FBA to process your reimbursements. It can generate a quick report so you can submit requests for reimbursements as well. Other refund tracking products in the market can charge up to 25% in fees for collecting refunds on your behalf. This can become very expensive, very quickly. Refund Genie is a low-cost solution to this problem.

  1. Inventory Protector

Private label sellers or FBA sellers sometimes launch promotions for their products on platforms like JumpSend. Black Hats can use these promos to wipe out the entire inventory of a seller using the coupon codes to get a discounted price. Inventory protector puts an order limit quantity on each of the products so no one can access your products at a high quantity, causing your stock to plummet.

This can also be done in seller central manually. But inventory protectors can automate the task for you at very low effort.

  1. Keyword Tracker

You have a readymade dashboard for all the keywords you have used for your products. Monitor all of this in a single place. Add keywords that can generate more sales. Remove keywords that are not performing well and occupy valuable space that can go to a better keyword.

  1. The Profit Tool

This tool provides a diagnostic view of your entire business. It can show you real-time business figures, both negative and positive, so you can figure out your actual financial standing at any time. Since Helium 10 is connected to the Amazon seller dashboard, it has a track of all your product sales. Take a note of the money-making and draining activities to do what is best for your business. Here are the data points that you can find in the profit tool.

  •  Revenue and Profit

You can find these two figures for today, the past seven days, or any date range you want to generate a report on.

  •  Sales Trends

It is important to know which products are performing well and which are declining. By combining the sales data from the past few days, the Profit tool predicts sales trends so you can decide which products should be removed to stop your business from leaking money in FBA fees and other costs.

  •  Inventory Levels

It shows you the daily graph of inventory levels, so you know how the inventory is depleting and what is the best way to replenish it, or not. It all depends on whether the product is selling well or sitting on the shelves incurring your FBA warehousing costs.

  1. Follow up

No business can be successful without quality customer service. However, manually contacting each customer to check if they were satisfied with their product is a tedious task. The Follow-up dashboard lets you see orders for a product and set a template for sending automatic emails to customers. This way, you instantly know customer feedback on your product and can take steps to mitigate any grievances, which will save you any negative reviews.


Should I choose Helium 10 features a la carte or get a full helium 10 plan?

It depends on whether you are starting on Amazon or are a professional seller.

For new sellers, a la carte is a perfect fit. You can pick which services to pay for and get a feel of the tools while you grow your business.

For professional sellers, we suggest going for the Helium 10 plans. Diamond or Platinum will let you unleash the full potential of the app, taking away a lot of the burdens and manual efforts required in running a business on Amazon.

Can Multiple Users Access the Same Helium 10 Account?

Helium 10 allows Diamond members to add up to three members in their accounts. At the same time, elite members are eligible to add five users to their accounts. You can head on to the website for more details on how to add or delete users.

What Are the Maximum Uses for Each Tool?

The free plan has limits on the usage of various tools on a daily or monthly basis. Other plans have limits on tools like keyword tracker, follow-up, or index checker. Research the terms of your plans before buying them. However, all the limits are sent much above the requirement for individual businesses.

Limits are there to prevent users from excessively consuming resources, which might affect the experience of other people. It is highly unlikely for sellers to exceed the usage of the paid plans.

In case you are still running out of usage for any of the tools, the tool itself will show you a notification of usage limit exhaustion. You can then contact customer support to access a plan which suits your business needs better.

 Can I test the Helium 10 tools?

Helium 10 offers sellers a limited version of the tool to be used for free until you can decide whether you want to choose a monthly or annual subscription plan. To access the various tools, you can head on to the following link and sign up:

Helium also offers a money-back guarantee on the Elite, Platinum, and Diamond plans. These plans come with enabled access for all the tools. And if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can connect with the Helium 10 team within 30 days to get a refund processed.

How to Connect Helium 10 Account to My Professional Amazon Seller Account?


To use Helium 10 up to the full functionality, we recommend that you connect your seller dashboard with the app. To do so, Amazon account data access must be provided to Helium 10. If you are paying for a premium plan, the tools that do most of the automating will not work without the access. Profits, Refund Genie, Alerts, follow-up, and inventory protector need access to be established to start being functional. Otherwise, you are just paying for a bunch of efficient features that you don’t use.

We have provided a step-by-step guide on how to connect the app with the seller account. You will need a few things to start: the seller account number, which you will find on the amazon seller dashboard, developer ID number from Helium 10 account. Follow these steps to establish a connection.

  1. Login to the central seller accounts on amazon with your seller credentials. Simultaneously also, login into the helium 10 account. Open them in different browser windows as you will be going back and forth quite a few times before the task is over.
  2. On the helium 10 account main page, click on your name. You will find this on the top right of the page.
  3. Find the section which is titled ‘Helium 10 Connectors’. This is where you will have to add the seller token.
  4. Go to the central seller dashboard on amazon and access seller info by clicking on the link titled: Seller Account Info.
  5.  Find the ‘Business Information’ area and get the Merchant Token by clicking on the text. We should also mention here that it is only available for professional sellers.
  6. In the Helium 10 window, click on the ‘Add Token’ icon. It should be highlighted in a green-colored text. Paste the seller token in this box.
  7. Return to amazon and scroll down to the bottom left corner until you can find ‘User Permissions’. This is an action listed inside the account management area. Click on the permission, which will open a new window. This is where you are allowed to add third-party apps.
  8. Find the ‘Visit Manage Your Apps’ and click on it. Another window will open, which shows the Appstore of amazon. Under the text titled ‘Manage Your apps’, you will find the option to ‘Authorize new developers.’
  9.  Return to the Helium 10 account and get the developer ID.
  10. . Add the ID on the Amazon screen and click next. On the next screen, click on accept to provide your authorization for Helium 10 to use Amazon seller details in the app. On the following screen, amazon will confirm that the access has been approved.
  11.  Go back to the helium 10 dashboard, and you should be able to see that amazon access has been provided. All the apps we listed that will not work without access should start working by now.
  12.  If you are selling on eBay, Walmart, or any other market, you can follow this same procedure to provide access to the app to do all the diagnostic tasks.
  13. . The next window will ask for Pay Per Click access. When you provide that, all the authorizations should be up and running.

Amazon will verify from time to time that you still want Helium 10 to have access to your data. So you have to repeat this process in the future.

How accurate is Helium 10?

The algorithm of Helium 10 has been designed to calculate and fetch data in the most accurate manner. By all accounts, this is one of the most accurate tools in the entire market. There are 250K plus sellers who use Helium 10 for their day-to-day activities and optimization. That should give you an idea of how popular the app is amongst sellers.

And like we said, the app comes with a money-back guarantee for 30 days. Either use the free version of the app or buy a premium version to test all the functionalities. Suppose you are at any point satisfied with the results that Helium 10 generates in terms of boosting sales, managing feedback, and running diagnostic and health checkup. In that case, you are free to cancel it within the time limit and eligible to get the money refunded. We recommend starting with the free plan to get a feel of the app first.

So, make yourself aware of the platform first and then decide if you would like to go ahead with it.


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