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Different Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Different Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Are you sitting on a couch wondering about different ways of making money but don’t know where to look for it? Indeed Amazon provides an excellent platform for the ordinary person to earn money in different ways.

Amazon is a viral marketplace today. You are probably among many people who purchase different items from Amazon regularly but did it ever occur to you that they also need the help of people like you to manage such a big platform? For example, Amazon offers several programs and services for different purposes for which they need employees.

When people think of making money on Amazon, the first thing that comes to mind is selling, which is undoubtedly very profitable if done right. But did you know there are several other ways to earn extra cash through Amazon?

Since Amazon is a giant organization and among the largest online retailers with gazillions of products and thousands of sellers and shoppers, it requires many employees for different jobs. Hence it brings you an opportunity to make money.

From working as a remote employee to getting a commission by promoting amazon’s goods on your blog, there are numerous options for making money through it. However, selling on this platform is still the most preferred and profitable way of earning a fortune.

If you want to learn how to make money on amazon in different ways, this detailed guide will help you in this regard. So keep on reading!

 Become a Seller

This is undoubtedly the most popular and sought-after way of making online money, primarily through Amazon. This platform provides different ways of selling almost anything.

From introducing your private label or selling wholesale items to publishing books you wrote and retail arbitrage, there are numerous excellent methods of selling different kinds of stuff, which we have discussed in detail in this section. If you want to find out how to make money selling on amazon, keep reading the article.

Two plans, individual and professional, are offered to sellers. They can subscribe to any one of them depending on the no. of sales they are generating.

 Different Methods of Selling 

  • Introduce Private label goods
  •  Offering Wholesale items
  •  Retail Arbitrage
  • Sell Books Written by You
  • Amazon Handmade
  • Merch By Amazon

Introduce Private label goods 

When it comes to providing goods, you can do it in any of the many ways depending on which suits you best.

Offering private-label goods doesn’t mean you have to invent a new product; rather, you fabricate already existing items with changes that people would like to see. This way, your goods will have better quality than the pre-existing items and attract more audiences. This method lets you put your brand name or logo on the products.

But how can one discover the goods that have room for improvement? Simply, by digging into feedback and reviews of shoppers and examining if there is something they don’t like about the item.

Let us say shoppers are not satisfied with the durability of a luggage bag and say it needs to be fixed quickly. There is an opportunity for you to find a more reliable and solid material for the construction and offer a new bag to the consumers. Since your goods will meet customers’ requirements, they will purchase them.

 Offering Wholesale items

This is another popular method of selling stuff on Amazon but how is it different from the previous method? Being a wholesaler means one doesn’t have to deal with the fabrication of the goods. In this method, you will offer products produced by other brands.

When you purchase them in bulk, you will get goods at a discounted price, and then you can offer it at more price to earn a profit. However, in this case, you can’t put your logo on the goods you are offering.

Many people prefer this method, especially those busy with other stuff and can’t deal with manufacturing and branding of goods.

 Retail Arbitrage 

You can now make money selling on amazon through “Retail Arbitrage.” So what exactly is this practice? Suppose, there is a sale or discount offer on certain goods in a supermarket or any other marketplace, you will buy items from there and offer them on Amazon but not at the discounted price.

When you offer goods at a higher price than what you purchased them for, you will be generating a good profit. It might occur to you why would people buy it from you at a higher price? Believe it or not but many shoppers purchase the items that are not available anywhere else even at higher prices.

 Sell Books Written by You

We all know that used books can be sold on Amazon but were you aware that you can also offer books that you wrote and earn with amazon? This can be done through “Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).” This is undoubtedly a superb technique of earning some cash, however, one must be an excellent writer to achieve success through this method.

From printed books to audio and eBooks, you can offer any type and that too for free. Furthermore, all the rights are owned by the writer.

 Amazon Handmade 

This is a chance for those creative minds who like to craft stuff like accessories, shirts or clothes. “Amazon Handmade” is introduced specially for such stuff. So if you are one of those people, don’t wait any further and use this platform today. It provides you access to a large number of audience and allows you to become popular.

 Merch By Amazon 

This is another great program by Amazon for designers. Through this service, you can use your creativity to produce designs for cups, t-shirts, etc. and put them on Amazon. When someone requests an order for that design, Amazon will produce the goods and deliver them but you’ll get money for your designs.

 Sevices For Sellers By Amazon

Seller central is the platform through which you can offer goods to a great number of customers.

If you are offering goods, you must consider the “Fulfillment by Amazon” program. It makes the whole process easy by taking all the responsibilities associated with selling such as packaging and shipping etc.

But there is a cost for all these services with is the sum of all the amount that must be paid for packing, storage, customer support service, and delivery. Moreover, some other charges such as charges of returns and monthly fees, etc. are also associated with it that must be examined while evaluating the budget.

 Top Seller Tools

No matter what you choose to offer on such a big platform it is always wise to conduct thorough research to find out if the goods you are interested in are even capable of producing a good income for you or not.

But, it requires details of large no. of products which would be pretty difficult to get if you were to search them on your own, which is why there are several efficient tools available for this purpose.

  • Jungle Scout
  • Viral Launch
  • Helium 10

Jungle Scout

Newbies and experienced sellers both use this app for several purposes such as keeping track of their goods’ performance, discovering the ideal goods to sell and finding the keywords that best suit their products, etc.

Whether you want to find out the rank of goods or estimate the income they can produce, the database of products can do this for you whereas if you are looking for vendors or suppliers for your products you can find them with all the information through suppliers’ database of Jungle Scout.

Wouldn’t you like to learn the art of selling? Dig in the Jungle Scout academy and get tips though the valuable material available on it. Also, get the actual keywords that customers really look for through the keyword toolset and keep tabs on your desired items by using the product tracker feature.

Starting from $39 per month jungle Scout has 3 economical pricing plans. If you wish to get access to both the plugin and web app get the package for just $69 per month or if you are interested in only the web app, subscribe to the plan for $49 per month. Estimator tool for sales can be used for free.

 Viral Launch  

Viral Launch is a wonderful toolset that is loaded with the features and functions required by both beginners and experienced merchants. It presents you with a great chance to earn a fortune by selecting the most profitable goods.  

For evaluating a large set of data and displaying it to you accurately, Viral Launch has advanced AI. The most suitable keywords on the basis of what people search for can be found through the “keyword finder” while competitors’ goods can be tracked through the “competitor intelligence software”

The details like the volume of sales, income estimations, and reviews, etc. of any number of goods can be analyzes with ease by using this toolset. Furthermore, you can automate your process of PPC and make it more efficient.

Estimates of sales and income can be accessed without any charges but more features of this toolset can be used by purchasing any of the four packages it offers.

Beginner plan, as the name suggests is perfect for newbies and is available at just $42/month whereas the kinetic or brand builder packages suit experts and costs $166 and $106 per month respectively. Alternatively, you can sign up and utilize the free trial.

 Helium 10

Packed with numerous wonderful functions, this toolset definitely aids sellers in operating more efficiently. With over 350 million goods in its database, the app is more than capable of producing high-quality results and brings its users price information through which they can select the right niche.

Make you listing more accurate by removing the useless phrases and keywords from them and while you are at it, don’t forget to monitor the keyword your rivals are targeting for. Furthermore, users can also use ASIN to dicover effective keywords with Helium 10. Analyzing the price trends and monthly sales is also made easy by “Blackbox”

What’s even better, it comes with four different subscription plans. The free plan can be used to get the idea of what this toolset offers while the platinum package is ideal for beginners and is available at $97 per month. For more advanced function, the Diamond or Elite package can be used at $97 and $197 every month respectively.


One might think how is blogging related to making money on amazon. But the truth is you can earn a great amount of cash through this method called “Amazon Affiliate.” It is as simple as posting the amazon link of goods on your website and getting cash every time a shopper purchase that item through your link.

It goes without say that Amazon is among the biggest online retailers and has zillions of goods in several niches, so you have a great variety of options to choose from. Whether you have a blog concerning hair care or a website about household items, you can promote all types of goods through the Affiliate program.

It is a chance to earn extra cash easily by sitting in your home. However, Amazon doesn’t enroll every applicant in this program and instantly rejects the application if there is any violating of policies or terms of services. Reliable sites are required for becoming an affiliate.

Writing reviews of goods is the best way of convincing the audience to take action and buy the items instantly through your links. However, to get people to trust you, the reviews must be genuine. Blogs must also be updated as the product information changes.

 Become Driver for Amazon

If you want to know earn an income with amazon without selling something, becoming a driver for them is a great option. Since Amazon offers its sellers the service of delivering their goods to shoppers on their behalf, they need employees for this purpose which brings job opportunities for many people.

You can deliver the goods for them through “Amazon’s Flex program.” Anyone who owns a car with ample space and knows driving can apply for it. To get enrolled in this program they will ask you to fill a questionnaire and install an app.

Once accepted, you will get all the details of what you need to do and then you can start earning. You can also decide the working hours.

 Apply for Mechanical Turk

Another quick way of making cash through Amazon is to apply for the “Mechanical Turk” program. This is a platform where different clients assign you different types of assignments like completing a survey or writing description etc. and you get money for completing the tasks.

You can perform the job from your home and earn that extra money you want. The clients will post the job along with all the details and the price they will pay. If it suits you, apply for it and complete the assignment. It is a part-time job that doesn’t require much effort.

 Work As an Amazon Employee Remotely

By now, you must have figured out how big of an organization Amazon is with thousands of sellers and even more shoppers. They now even have several other services such as affiliate, “Fulfillment by Amazon” etc.

To manage such a giant company a massive number of employees are required and with all the advancements in technologies, the concept of remote employees is increasing day by day. Amazon also have numerous remote workers and you can also become one of them if you wish to work from the comfort of your couch.

These types of jobs are not only flexible but save you from the inconvenience of going to the office daily. However, getting a job in one of the best companies is not that easy. They have several requirements including fluency in English. Moreover, only people from certain specific parts of the world are eligible for working remotely.  

 Utilize “Amazon Services”

Many people think of Amazon as just the marketplace for selling goods but that is not the case anymore. It also brings you an opportunity to render your services such as plumbing and tutoring etc.

Through “Amazon Service” you can offer your services to a massive audience. Whether you are an electrician or a plumber you can utilize this method to earn cash. Since every service costs differently, how much can you earn through this is dependent on the service you provide.


Amazon is a huge company which means it requires a large number of workers and hence it is among the biggest platform for earning income. Selling might be the most sough after method for generating a great income but there are several different means of making money through this platform.

When it comes to selling, you can either offer your private label goods or become a wholesaler. Furthermore, if you craft goods and have a creative mind “Amazon Handmade” can be utilized for selling your own creations while for writers KDP is a great opportunity to publish and sell their own books. Retail arbitrage is another amazing option for those looking to become a merchant.

If you are not interested in selling, worry not, there are several opportunities for you as well. Use your blog to become an affiliate and promote goods of others to get a commission every time an order is placed through your promoted link. Alternatively, goods can also be delivered for Amazon to earn an income. Moreover, you can work remotely from your home as well.

Looking to get some extra cash? Don’t wait anymore and utilize one of the above methods today.


 Q: Is selling the only way of making money through Amazon?

 A:  Absolutely not! Many amazing opportunities other than being a seller, are available. Explore them today and figure out which one suits you best. Make a plan and evaluate how would you like to earn income. From working remotely and offering your services to working as a driver, there are numerous ways of doing it.

 Q: What can I sell?

 A:  From a hairbrush to automotive parts, anything could be sold in this marketplace. Whether you want to offer your branded products or wholesale goods, you mush always go for items that people are actually looking for. For this purpose you can use one of the many excellent tools available. Always evaluate how much income are you expected to make on goods you wish to offer and then decide if it is wise to launch these goods.

 Q: Should I use tools for picking the right items?

 A:  It is a good idea to use tools that can show you accurate and precise details and information of thousands of goods. Doing it by yourself is not only time consuming but there is always the risk of error and inaccuracy. Free and paid both types of tools are available but you should determine what do they offer before utilizing them.

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