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Choosing What To Sell on Amazon

Choosing What To Sell on Amazon

Amazon is a large e-commerce site. There are more than 12 million items listed on Amazon for sell. If you are a beginner or even an expert in selling, you will find it difficult to sort out these items and determine What to sell on Amazon. This even becomes much harder when you attempt to do it manually.

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Is Selling on Amazon Profitable?
5 Characteristics of Awesome Amazon Products
Best Selling Amazon Products
How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon

If you have been asking yourself, “what can i sell on amazon?”, you’ve come to the right place. To succeed on Amazon, you need:

  • To sell the right item
  • To use the right marketing strategies
  • The right motivation for keeping things in pace.

Your goal should be to sell an item with the highest ROI (Return On Investment). The good news is that searching for the best products for selling on amazon isn’t as hard as you might think. Actually, you can do much of the research for free on amazon. In this article, you will learn how to choose a high return, low risk product for sell on Amazon. You will know how to conduct proper research to be sure you are selling the right item on Amazon.

Is Selling on Amazon Profitable?

Amazon is the largest online shopping site with millions of buyers looking to purchase different items. If you start selling your items on Amazon, there is no doubt that you will earn profit.

On Amazon, the number of third-party sales is increasing. This popularity is even increasing every day. These third-party sales have brought a direct competition to the first-party items sold on Amazon. In 1999, third-party sales on Amazon accounted for only 3% of all Amazon sales. This value continued rising with time, reaching 58% in 2018.


This shows that third-party sellers are doing well on the Amazon platform.

Selling own brands is a profitable opportunity for Amazon sellers. You can choose to do it yourself or delete it to others to do it on your behalf. You can choose to handle the tasks related to selling on amazon including managing the items in store, processing customer orders and shipping items to customers. You can also choose to join the Amazon FBA program and let Amazon do these tasks for you at a fee. With FBA, most of the selling tasks are done on your behalf by knowledgeable amazon professionals. If you don’t anything related to FBA, it’s the right time to research and know much about it.

 5 Characteristics of Awesome Amazon Products

When doing a research on the things for sell on the amazon plan, consider going with the following items:

Small, Lightweight Products

Small and lightweight items are easier to ship. They also cost less top ship, helping you minimize your expenses as an amazon seller. Look for ways to source products that are small and lightweight. Once you’ve sourced the items, consider the reviews. Always consider browsing through items that have attracted between 100 and 120 reviews. There are high chances that such items are on high demand on amazon.

Products Priced Between $25 and $50

Research shows that items priced within this range attract many sales. The reason is that they cover direct costs such as costs of goods sold, Amazon seller fees and advertising fees. However, anything priced above $50 or $60 can turn out to become something else as far as sales are concerned. The number of customers who see your items, the conversion rates and chances of purchase will drop.

Easy To Manufacture Items

You should avoid problems in manufacturing and control of product quality. That’s why you should source items that can be manufactured easily and aren’t fragile. Avoid crockery, glass or any other items that are complicated to you.

Products Sold Year Round

Seasonal products will only attract sales at particular times of the year. You should avoid such items. Consider sourcing items that can be sold all year round. Such items will attract you sales at any time of the year, helping you run a profitable and sustainable Amazon business. Some of the items to avoid selling include Christmas gifts, Halloween costumes etc.

Products With Room For Improvement

Identify the items that offer a direct competition to your item. Go through the reviews left by customers on such items. Your goal should be to identify both positive and negative reviews about the item. When you notice the positive reviews, which mark the reason as to why customers love that item, implement them in your item. Again, consider the negative reviews as they mark what customers don’t like about that item. You can then avoid repeating such mistakes when manufacturing your item. You will be able to offer better services compared to your competitors on amazon.

When you join Amazon, you will realize there are big brands that have established themselves on the platform. When doing amazon product research, keep watching these big fishes. Consider knowing who your main competitors are. However, note that this will change after every week since you will find a brand that has made more sales than the other.

Your goal should be to check whether there is a new major manufacturer who has joined in the niche. This should be done regularly so that you can stay updated. You can keep a google sheet with the list of your competitors, then keep updating it frequently. With such information, you will know the level of competition in the market.

If you see a big brand joining the niche, it should signal you that there will soon be a high demand for that product. This means that you can invest in that product early and become an early seller before other brands join it. You will be guaranteed of making sales, generating revenue and earning profits.

The good thing with Amazon is that it offers sellers with huge amount of data. You can analyze such data to determine the items for sell on the amazon platform. That’s why there is no excuse as to why you should not sell profitable items on amazon. Again, you don’t have to analyze the data manually. There are many software tools that you can use to automate the process of analyzing this data and draw the most meaningful insights from it.

 Best Selling Amazon Products

When choosing the items for sell on the Amazon platform, it’s good for you to know some of the items that sell well on the platform. This will guide your choice of items to sell. Amazon creates a list of best seller items on its platform. Here is a list of items that sell well on Amazon:


Books are among the best categories of amazon items that sell well. This comes as physical book chains keep on going out of business. There are new releases of books, beset sellers, and older classics, all selling below $20. If you want to start selling on amazon, you can start with books. The reason is that you can purchase the books in bulk then sell them at a good profit.


Shoes, Clothing & Jewelry

There is no doubt that this is a popular category on amazon. Some common items in this category include:

  • Jewelry
  • Exercise clothing
  • Sunglasses.

However, this category is saturated with different items, meaning that you must make sure that you offer items that are unique. Also, the price for the items will also determine whether you make it or not. Note that amazon shoppers are not looking for the most expensive items, but they need to purchase the discounted items. Most top selling items in this category are priced below $20.



With the advancement in technology, the need for electronic devices and accessories is on the rise. That’s why electronics are some of the best things to sell on amazon. The items in this category are priced differently, some attracting very low prices. Examples of popular items in this category include the Echo dot Speaker and Fire TV Stick. Both cost below $50. If you can buy electronic in bulk for selling, then this is a good category to venture into.

Toys & Games

The best selling games on amazon are not the sophisticated ones. Toys exhibit a nice performance on Amazon they are sold in bulk or if already they are popular.

Again, you must understand that all categories that are more popular on Amazon attract a high level of competition. You must do proper research about various categories and choose the best niche to ensure you don’t face stiff competition, which may negatively affect your sales.

How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon

Before deciding to sell a particular item on Amazon, you need to conduct research and determine the amount that you will be spending. This will help you plan your budget well and determine the amount of profit to expect when selling a particular item. Getting such information will also help you narrow your decisions. Example, an item weighing 2 or 3 pounds is lightweight, meaning it’s easy to ship. This can help you reduce your shipping expenses.

You must consider how fragile items are to avoid a case where you’ve many damages during shipping. Here are some of the ways that you can employ to get the best items for sell on the amazon platform:

Use Keyword Research Tool

To find an item that you will be selling on Amazon, you must use an amazon keyword research tool that is data driven. Examples of such tools include IO Scout and Jungle Scout. These can help you get information about all your keyword needs on Amazon. With the use of the right keyword research tool, you will know the search volume for each item you’re interested in. You will know the number of people selling the item and determine whether the item is worth selling or not.

Look for Low Competition Keywords

To be able to drive traffic to your items listed on Amazon, use low competition keywords that will trigger items ads on Google.

Before you can use such keywords on your Amazon items, you’ve to know them. The Ahrefs tool can help you determine these keywords. Ahrefs comes with a keywords explorer tool that you can use for this. You simply enter the item niche ideas that you have and get all keyword ideas. You can then apply various filters on the results to get what you need.

Consider Item Reviews

Before sourcing items for sale on amazon, you must know what customer think and want. Some vendors have the time and budget to get feedback from consumers about desired items on what they like and what they don’t like. However, not all vendors have the time and budget for this.

Most vendors don’t have time and budget to get and analyze feedback from customers. That’s why customer reviews are an important way of determining what customers like and what they don’t like about various items. They will provide you with a costly and timely way of determining items to sell on amazon to make money.

If you’re interested in selling a particular item, research reviews from customers on the item and note:

  • The items that customers rave for
  • Look for the unsatisfied customer for a certain item
  • Rely on customer complaints as a way of modifying your product.

When you dig deeper into amazon reviews about a certain item, you will know what customers like and what they dislike. Use that information when searching for items to sell and use it to make necessary changes to your items.

Search For White Label Items from Alibaba

If you’ve interest in selling white label items, you must first know the top selling white label products. After knowing the most lucrative items for sell on Amazon, head to Alibaba and search for them.


On Alibaba, you can get white label items that sell well and those that can perform well on amazon. On Alibaba, there are items of different items provided by suppliers from overseas. Research for such items on Alibaba and get to know the hot items for selling on amazon.

Check For Best Selling Categories

Amazon has a page for best selling items that shows the best performing items on the platform. You can get an idea about items for selling on Amazon from this page.


It makes sense for you to know what the top earning sellers on amazon sell to their customers. These can only be found on the Best Sellers section of Amazon. You you will find the best selling items are in the categories of toys, games, electronics books etc. Knowing that will give you great insights into the items you can sell on amazon.

Find Low Difficulty Niches

When doing amazon product research, competition is very important. Choose an item that has a low competition. There are different software tools that you can use to determine low difficulty niches. You simply have to type the keyword associated with the product and all details will be returned. Jungle Scout is an example of such a tool.

With such a tool, product research is made easy and more effective, helping you make the most effective decision on the item to sell. Some of the factors that determine best niche market include low competition, sufficient demand, physical item opportunities and other monetizing opportunities. If your item of choice meets above criteria, you can be sure that you’ve selected to sell an item falling within the low difficulty niche category.

Reverse Engineer Amazon Affiliate Publishers

To know the items with a high likelihood of selling, try to determine where the main players push their traffic to on amazon. These through their teams try as much as possible to avoid items that don’t sell well. You can take advantage of the findings of their research and come up with best product to sell on amazon.

You must also consider when the items generates best sales each year. If it’s a seasonal item, you don’t have to spend your rime, effort and money on it since it will only sell for few months in a year.

Research For Trending Topics

This can be done on Google Trends.


This will help you as an amazon seller narrow down the number of options that you have, increasing your chances of selling an item with potential on Amazon.

The focus of Google Trends is on the current popular items. If you consider their suggestions into consideration, you will sell the most profitable item on amazon.

Google Trends is helpful to any seller looking to venture in any category of amazon items. When you analyze Google Trends keenly, you will know the items that sell well in each category.

Power Browse Amazon Listings

You can identify hot selling Amazon items through power browsing amazon listings. This can be done much easily using a Google chrome extension. Most tools for amazon product research provide web apps and a chrome extension. Examples include:

  • Jungle Scout
  • AMZScout Pro
  • Unicorn Smasher
  • SellerApp
  • AMZ Base
  • Helium 10
  • AmazeOwl

With the chrome extensions for above tools, you can easily determine the best things for selling on amazon. They help sellers quickly browse through item listings and determine items that ca feature in list of best selling items. You can then decide to sell such items. Additionally, you can use the extensions to perform tasks like projecting revenue, comparing item prices, performing sales estimates etc. This shows that it is a tool for carrying out multiple tasks. What makes the tool is that you don’t have to leave your web browser to open another app for determining which item to sell. This is done from the web browser. When you visit an item’s amazon page, you simply activate the extension and it will show you details about the item. It is from this that you can determine whether the item is worth selling or not.

Note that the kind of item you choose to sell on Amazon will determine your success or failure as an amazon seller. That’s why you have to do a research and choose the right item. It will be good if you do comparison between items before committing yourself into selling any particular item.


Amazon is a large marketplace. It has brought together sellers and buyers from all corners of the world. These meet on Amazon with the goal of buying and selling on the platform. Amazon, being the largest e-commerce platform, has millions of sellers. These sellers sell different types of items. This means there are millions of items listed on Amazon. If you decide to sell an item on Amazon today, you will find thousands of other Amazon sellers selling the same item as yours. This means that the items from these sellers offer a direct competition to your item. It’s up to you to use all the necessary strategies to ensure that your item stays on the top compared to the items sold by your competitors.

Despite there being millions of items listed on Amazon, they don’t exhibit the same performance on the platform. Some items fetch many sales on a daily basis. These items are good for generating huge amounts of revenue and earning sellers more profits. Other items don’t fetch sales on a daily basis. Actually, seasonal items only fetch sales during few months in a year. Example, Christmas gifts. The items also face different levels of competition. This means that you must be keen when choosing the kind of item to sell on sell on amazon.

The best products for selling on amazon have a number of characteristics. When doing product research, consider going for items that are small and lightweight. These items are easy and less expensive to ship, helping you minimize your shipping expenses. This will help you maximize your profits. Also, avoid items that are too fragile. Fragile items record many damages, which may cut into your profits. Selling such items may also leave you incurring loses. If you get it right in choosing the item to sell on amazon, your amazon business will run successfully.

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