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Best Amazon Product Research And Finder Tools

Best Amazon Product Research And Finder Tools

As a principle for any activities you will pursue, the more time you spend doing research and preparing for any changes that may lie ahead will better set you up for success in that pertained field. For online merchants and sellers, the idea is no different.

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Paid Or Free?
Top Paid Amazon Product Research And Finder Tools
Top Free Amazon Product Research And Finder Tools
The Choice Is Now Yours

If selling success is to be achieved, it would take putting in the time to know your products, the market for them, upcoming trends you can take opportunity of, and any other ways possible that can give you a leg up in the competitive arena of online shopping. For every merchant selling a product, there’s likely hundreds to thousands of other people selling the same product.

Amazon, in particular, has an abundance of merchants who sell products through them. Every day, the number of merchants is growing, and the competition alongside it.

Trying to spend your time wisely while growing an online business can be tough, especially when you believe a lot of has to be spent on product research, costing you time in other areas that need to be improved as well. Any external source that could help merchants spend their time more efficiently should certainly be considered.

Luckily, there are dozens of helpful platforms online known as Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools. These websites and platforms are able to provide you with loads of product data, covering all aspects of the products performance and future trajectory.

In addition, they can give you an insight on your competitions sales, provide you with ranking keywords, and help you find niches by gathering information on seasonal changes in the market and surging searches.

With these, merchants are able to effectively gather accurate data that can help them form a profitable selling plan; one that is aware of upcoming trends, and how well the products they have in stock will do on the market when put up for sale.

Paid Or Free?

Searching for Amazon product research tools and finders, you will come across an abundance of platforms offering help. Most of these are very useful, and offer accurate data and information in a timely fashion.

Coincidentally, there are some product research tools and finders that are offered for free, and there are others that are offered as a one time payment, or monthly subscription.

In determining which product research tools will be best suited for you, it’s important to know a few factors considering your business expectations and goals, such as;

  • How much products you believe you’ll be selling
  • If you want to grow your business as large as possible
  • How much data you believe you need to have in order to form a profitable system

Evidently, if you are subscribing to and becoming a member of a platform that offers a paid membership, it is certain that you will be offered a variety of product research tools and resources, some offering more than others.

These tools can be more comprehensive and effective than those offered by free platforms, but this is not to say that free platforms can not be useful. There are many free amazon product research finders that can assist you. If used correctly, they can prove to be just as handy as some of the paid platforms, and can offer a great deal of product data.

Top Paid Amazon Product Research And Finder Tools

The more you pay, the more product research tools you will likely get. The companies that offer these services are aware of the fact that not everyone invests all of their time into their online business, and do it mostly for side income.

For this reason, it isn’t uncommon for a platform to offer memberships covered from Basic to Professional , with the latter offering more resources and finders due to more product and inventory being sold by the merchant.

Some offer only one paid subscription membership, and others offer multiple. Below are the best Amazon product research and finder tool platforms that can assist you in boosting the sales of your online business.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout, over the years, has certified itself as one of the most reputable resources for online merchants and sellers alike. On their website, you will find no shortage of useful tools, resources, training programs, webinars, blogs and so much more that has helped boost the sales and presence of online merchants for so long.

As a platform heralded by publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg and Yahoo! Finance, it is no wonder that they have created exceptionally effective product research and finder tools, able to assist merchants by providing an unreal amount of data in real time. Outshining most other product research platforms, Jungle Scout has data on over 175 billion products.

If you were to use Jungle Scout as your product research platform, you will be able to view tons of data information, covering aspects such as;

  • Product Database – With this, you are able to search through custom filters and categories, helping to save you time by singling down and certain products and niches you wish to invest in
  • Product Tracker – The product tracker gives you an edge by allowing you to essentially spy on your competition, giving you access on recent sales volume, revenue and stock data about any product you desire to see
  • Supplier Database – Recently installed, this service helps you find qualified suppliers that you can potentially begin to do business with. You can view information on the supplier pertaining to their top customers and their product line
  • Keyword Finder – Keyword data plays a crucial role in bringing traffic to your product pages. With their keyword scout, Jungle Scout can provide you with ranking and surging keywords, available for you to take advantage of by adding them to your listings, or seeing what products are currently being heavily searched
  • Sales Analytics – Acting as your central station, this analytical tool center can organize and keep track of your sales, revenue, expenses, FBA fees and more. In addition, it provides information on when and how to reduce or raise prices to maximize profits at certain times
  • Inventory Manager – Keeping track of your stock and its outflow is important in staying on top of the financial aspects of your business. Jungle Scouts inventory manager lets you know how much and when to order, and provides demand projections to let you know when you may want to order more than normal

As an all-in-one platform, Jungle Scout can act as a true homestead to many merchants who seek to stay on top of their products and the changing market as effectively as possible.

Jungle Scout offers three different membership subscriptions, billed monthly or annually, per your choice. You can either sign up for Jungle Scout, Extension, or Jungle Scout + Extension. The Jungle Scout + Extension subscription will give you the most bang for your buck, offering all of the tools and resources available. The Google Chrome extension allows users to pull up the research tools on demand while searching online.

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Helium 10

Praised online by many of its users, Helium 10 offers online merchants an all-in-one platform that gives you incredible access to product and market analytics. A very user-friendly platform, the tools offered to you by Helium 10 are classified by code names to help you more properly keep track of data stored in different areas, such as inventory stock, sales and keyword searchers.

Helium 10 grants its users a competitive advantage by offering an excess of product data, sales projections, market analytics and so much more in one place, at relatively cheap prices. Subscribing to Helium 10 will give you access to their research tools such as;

  • Black Box – With access to data on over 450 million Amazon products, you can gain product information by searching through filters such as product weight, sales volume, reviews and ratings, projected sales and trends, images and more
  • Scribbles – Operating under the name Scribbles is their product listing optimizer, which is constantly working to provide you with ranking keywords, helping you to bring traffic into your product pages
  • Xray – This is Helium 10’s Google Chrome browser extension. With this extension, you are able to quickly bring up product research tools that allow you to assess the potential of a product in a timely fashion
  • Cerebro – Comparing multiples ASIN’s (Amazon Standard Identification Number) at once, Cerebro assists you by informing you of the keyword search volumes and more that pertain to a certain group of products. Viewing accurate data of products within the same category can help you to hone in on the niche, taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves within it
  • Refund Genie – Not many platforms offer a tool that helps you keep track of, and issue, reimbursements due to lost or damaged items, but Helium 10 is not one of those platforms. With their Refund Genie tool, you can be provided with a descriptive report of the claim you’re involved in for easy submission to Amazon for a reimbursement request
  • Trendster – Being aware of fast or slow moving inventory can mean all the difference in your profits at the end of the year. With Trendster, you are able to gain access to data within seconds concerning a products seasonal trends, product sales volume, historical price fluctuations, and market trend estimation

These are not the only tools involved with a subscription to Helium 10. There are more that can work together to help you build a profitable system through the implementation of having a controlled and organized selling command center.

Helium 10 offers a free trial, giving you access to limited use of their seller tools for 30 days, such as Scribbles, Frankenstein or Profits. After this, the choice is yours for which level of membership you want. Subscription levels offered by Helium 10 are;

  • Platinum Plan – $97 per Month
  • Diamond Plan – $197 per Month
  • Elite Plan – $397 per Month

As your subscription level goes higher, you gain access to more tools and resources, with the ability to gain access to private Facebook groups and in-person workshops through the Elite Plan. Knowing what level of a seller you are, or intend to be, will help you in determining which plan is most appropriate for you.


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Viral Launch

Recently becoming one of the more respected platforms for online sellers, Viral Launch now is home to an impressive collection of product research and finder tools that help merchants learn more about their stock, and the market for them.

With their Amazon product research software, users gain an insight to untapped markets, niche development and projected trends that grant an advantage to sellers. Having this information quickly, sellers are more easily able to form a sales plan, saving them time to spend on other business ventures.

Subscription to Viral Launch’s product research software will grant you with product search filters for better research optimization, insight to competition activity, projected product sales and trends, nightly data updates and market alerts.

Viral Launch offers users four different membership options, going from Beginner, to Pro, to Brand Builder, and finally Kinetic.

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It takes some confidence to consider yourself the most accurate Amazon product finder and research tool available, but AMZScout does exactly that. Often renowned as one of the best platforms for online merchants, AMZScout offers a great deal of tools and resources, with some standing out from many offered by others.

AMZScout is an excellent resource for many aspects, but it’s product finder tools are what give it its name of quality. With this platform, you are given access to Google trend data analytics, product sales estimations, information on fees regarding FBA expenses and costs, the quality of listed products and more.

What’s great about this platform is that they offer many of their tools for free, giving newcomers the chance to get their feet wet without spending money on upfront costs. After this, they keep it simple, by offering two payment plans. Either monthly, at $45 per month, if you aren’t sure if you want to commit or not, or pay a lifetime fee one time for $199.

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Top Free Amazon Product Research And Finder Tools

In the growing wave of paid subscriptions, there will always be the unsung heroes who offer their tools and resources for free, helping sellers with beginner to advanced experience build their businesses up. As paid subscriptions may offer you more tools, there is no doubt that free services can provide you with crucial information that you can use to your advantage.


With a comical name like that, and a retro-looking website, it may be hard to believe that CamelCamelCamel is an excellent free resource to refer to when looking for product information and research. This platform grants you the ability to search by category, view price history charts, install add ons and receive price alerts.

With a free account, you will be more than satisfied with the resources you are equipped with. CamelCamelCamel also has ongoing blog posts with seller information packed within, as well as exceptional customer support that has been complemented by user reviews online.


With tons of data on various Amazon products stored within its data archives, Keepa offers users both free and paid product research tools, helping merchants become aware of anything relating to the products in their stock.

With their product finder and viewer, you are able to optimize your searching and research through the use of category and financial filters. You are able to upload a large list of categorized products at once, viewing side by side the product details and information, historical prices, trend projections and more.

In addition, they offer you information on Top + Best Seller Lists. By viewing the hottest selling items in each category, you are able to more efficiently dive into niches and seize opportunities for upcoming trends.


Very useful for merchants is the free platform AMZBase. AMZ is a very renowned company and resource for online merchants, and they offer free or paid subscriptions that grant you access to more and more tools. AMZBase is a free resource that they offer, and can of great use if used effectively.

Considering itself an all-in-one platform, users are able to search product information, source related products, see ranking keywords, check historical prices and more. With a product ASIN, AMZBase will give you access to this data within seconds.

AMZBase is also one of the few free platforms that gives you access to data on other online marketplaces, such as eBay, Alibaba, and AliExpress.


Calling themselves the #1 Free Amazon Product Research Tool, Sonar certainly has the confidence to talk a big game, with the data and information to back it up. Very user-friendly, this platform requires that you just provide it with an ASIN before it gives you access to information such as keyword rankings, product performance, data tracking and projected sales volume.

With Sonar, users can monitor keywords and observe their product rankings. It should be known that sources other than Amazon are not taken into account for their keyword searches and

analysis. Their use of Amazon data only allows users who only sell on Amazon to more clearly see which keywords they should be optimizing.

The Choice Is Now Yours

In all honesty, there is nothing stating that you can’t use a combination of these platforms, testing out for awhile which ones you believe are the best and most accurate. Most of the paid platforms still offer free trials, so taking the time to use as many platforms as possible could be more than worth it in your journey of growing your business.

Paid platforms that offer Amazon product research and finder tools are incredible, and can arm you with an impressive collection of resources and indicators that give you a competitive advantage in the market. Regardless, the free resources available from various platforms can still provide you with incredible data and information on a product’s performance.

At the end of the day, it will take knowing what type of seller you are to properly determine if paying for more product research tools and resources is worth it.


What are Amazon product research tools ?

Amazon product research and finder tools are services offered by online platforms that will help you gain information about a product and how to sell it effectively, pertaining to aspects such as its historical prices, its sales volume, projected trends and sales, insight to competition activity, keyword optimization, data tracking and more. This information helps merchants to gain an idea of sale potential, and upcoming opportunities to take advantage of.

Why is Amazon product research important?

In the very competitive world of online selling, any advantage that could help give merchants the edge over others should always be considered. With product research, merchants are able to come up with more profitable systems by staying on top of estimated trends and product projections, viewing information that relates to the products overall performance and helping to form niches.

What can you do with Amazon product finder tools?

There is an abundance of companies and platforms that offer product finder tools, some being paid, some being free. With these tools, you are able to view the past, current, and future projected trends for specific products, which will allow you to gain a clear picture on what products are worthy to invest in. Different platforms offer different tools, but many are common, such as tools that help with data storage, stock tracking, expense cataloging, and trend projections.

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