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Best Amazon Chrome Extensions

Best Amazon Chrome Extensions

Are you making your way into the complicated world of Amazon sales? Have you been selling products for a while and think you can do better, or are you just starting and needing some direction? Selling products on Amazon can be very profitable and lucrative, and using tools like Amazon Chrome Extensions can help you improve your profit margins.

So, what is the best Amazon Chrome Extension for you to use as an Amazon seller? While there are a lot of different Amazon Chrome Extensions, Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions might be the best option for you because when you use one of them, you will end up having Amazon do most of the work for you.As a seller, you can select these Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions, and Amazon will choose the products, pack them up, and deliver them to the buyer without much involvement from you.

Before deciding on which Amazon Chrome Extension is best for you, consider your needs. Are you looking to be a bestseller? Are you looking to make some spare changes? Are you trying to make this your primary business? Do you need to out-sell your competitors? There are good Amazon Chrome Extensions for a variety of needs.

Read on to learn all about Amazon Chrome Extensions!

What is Amazon Chrome Extension?

Amazon Chrome Extensions can help sellers be more productive and earn more revenue and profits. Whether you are performing keyword research, monitoring your competition, or determining the price you should set for your product, an Amazon Chrome Extension can help you.

Amazon Chrome Extensions are free plug-ins for your browser that offer users many benefits. After the extension is installed, you will not have to do anything differently than browse Amazon through your web browser like you normally would.

You can also track shipping costs through some Amazon Chrome Extensions. Let’s face it, some consumers will factor shipping costs into the total cost of the product, and they will buy it from someone else if they can ship for less.


Using Amazon Chrome Extensions will help you organize your sales and do a lot of the work for you in marketing your product.

Why do you need Amazon Chrome Extensions?

One of the biggest challenges for an Amazon seller is figuring out how to get ahead of your competition. Amazon Chrome Extensions can help you do just that. Chrome Extensions will help take you ahead of the pack in Amazon sales, as you can analyze your competitors and learn how to market your products best.

You will learn all kinds of information that can help you get ahead, from the sales information of your competitors to how to market and place your product.

How Amazon Chrome Extensions can help Increase Sales

Improving profits is what it is all about. As an Amazon seller, how can you improve sales, beat out your competition, and have a lucrative business? Amazon Chrome Extensions will help you outsell your competitors.

Here is a list of ways that Amazon Chrome Extensions can help make you the best Amazon seller in your product’s niche:

  •  Keyword analysis – Find out what keywords drive the most traffic to your product. This is what it is all about, right? What keywords are driving traffic to your product? Can you add any new words or improve upon the existing keywords?
  •  Track your monthly revenue and sales – Let the tool analyze your revenue streams. You cannot make a profit if you do not have revenue. Let this tool analyze your revenue so you can successfully improve your revenue and profits.
  •  Pricing analysis of your competition – With Chrome Extensions, you can more easily analyze the price of products directly competing with yours. This is how you can best decide what price to sell your product, and be sure to set more competitive prices than others in your market.
  •  Check your profits – You can now know your profits without going to your product’s page.
  •  Analyze how many similar products are for sale – If you do not know yet what products you are selling, Amazon Chrome Extensions can help you see if the market is saturated. How much competition will you have? Can you find a profitable niche market? An extension can help you determine that.
  •  Calculate commissions and profits – Maybe you want to be in sales but aren’t that great with numbers. That’s ok. Amazon Chrome Extensions will calculate for you, and will tell you what Amazon’s commission will be and what your profits will be.


Amazon Chrome Extensions will provide metrics, sales data, and historical pricing of your competition, allowing you to plan your sales strategy.

Amazon FBA Chrome Extension

By using Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions, you ask Amazon to do most of your work. With these Chrome Extensions, Amazon will select products, pack them, and deliver them on your behalf. Your job as an Amazon seller just got a lot easier.

These are the best Amazon Chrome Extensions you can get, as they allow you to have a full team working for you. You will be able to sell more products and make more profit since you will outsource a lot of the work.

What does FBA mean?

To understand how to get the most out of Amazon FBA Chrome extensions, let’s look at exactly FBA. FBA is an acronym for “Fulfilled By Amazon.” It allows third-party sellers like yourself to use Amazon’s name to sell their products.

 Instead of starting your own business from scratch with no help, this allows you to capitalize on the giant that is Amazon and have them help you market your products. 

Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions will allow you to use Chrome to get the maximum out of Amazon. Let Amazon do much of the heavy lifting for you and your business.

Advantages of Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions

Here’s a look at why Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions are a great choice for most Amazon sellers:

  •  FBA Calculator for Amazon Sellers – This extension calculates a full profit analysis for a product. This way, you can know what you are getting into financially when you decide to sell a product.
  •  Amazon FBA Keyword Tool – This helps you uncover Amazon keywords, which can drive traffic to your product. The easiest way to get your product noticed and thus purchased is to have the right keywords driving traffic to your product, which is why this tool can be important to improving your profits.
  •  FBA Calculator by AMZ Scout – This extension is another calculator. This one helps analyze fees, sales volumes, and revenues, so it is another way to track the finances behind your sales. You can see how much money you spend on things like Amazon commission and how much revenue your sales are generating.

Amazon Smile Chrome Extension

You should use the Amazon Smile Chrome Extension because it is an easy way to link to your favorite charity. It will allow you to link your product on to

All products purchased on have a portion of money (0.5%) automatically funneled to a charity, which is a nice feature.

Some consumers will only shop through Amazon Smile, as they want a portion of their money to go to charity. So, it will behoove you to set up the Amazon Smile Chrome Extension, as it can help improve sales, or at least sure that you do not miss out on any sales.

Amazon Seller Chrome Extension

As an Amazon seller, using the AMZ Seller Browser is going to make you more efficient and help you conduct your product research a lot quicker. This tool is an easy way for you to research and decide upon new products to sell.

Using Amazon Seller software is going to allow you to conduct product research, analyze your competitors, and perform keywords research easier than if you did not use Chrome extensions.

Best Amazon Chrome Extension

Here are some Amazon Sales Estimators worth checking out:

 Jungle Scout

The goal of this Amazon Chrome Extension is to provide information on Amazon product sales and offer competitors’ data on products. If you use this correctly, you can get a leg-up on your competitors by having insight into their sales data.

It can help you decide whether a particular product is a worthwhile investment for you to sell. Using data and metrics, Jungle Scout gives you factual evidence of how a product sells. Using the statistics provided to you by Jungle Scout will allow you to effectively market your product and ensure you are taking the right steps towards profitability.

 Helium 10 Plugin 

This Chrome Extension is comprised of 5 key components.

  o   Xray –  This is easy insight into other market data that will help you make the best decisions as a seller on Amazon.

  o   ASIN Grabber –  This tool helps you create targeted ads.

  o   Profitability Calculator –  Profits is why you are doing this, right? This calculator is an easy way to keep track of how much money you are making for any of the products you are selling.

  o   Inventory Levels –  Quick and easy insight into your current inventory levels for any of your listings on Amazon.

  o   Review Downloader –  This allows you to sift through other sellers’ reviews. It gives you insight into what customers are thinking about other products, so you can tailor your approach accordingly.

 Viral Launch Market Intelligence 

Amazon Product Research is the forte of this particular Chrome Extension. With this extension you will be able to see upfront data about product analysis. The Sales Estimates are going to help you decide on a path forward before you invest much time or money.

You’ll also have extensive access to Product Photography, which will allow you to use professional images for your product. This is designed to increase the amount of clicks and traffic. Let the professionals handle your photos for you, so you can focus on other areas with launching and improving your product sales.

 AMZScout (PRO) 

If you are not sure on what product you want to sell, this is the Chrome Extension for you. By using this Amazon Chrome Extension, you will have insight into sales history, estimations for future monthly sales, the stock levels of your competitors, and more.

The AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension is free to use, and you will not even need to enter your credit card information in at all. Given all that it offers for no charge, this is a must-have Chrome Extension for any Amazon seller. This extension will help launch you from the research phase to the selling phase.

 DS Amazon Quick View 

This Chrome Extension allows you to add the Amazon ranking and seller’s information to the search page. You can also now hover your mouse over a product’s image and see the full product details.

It is really designed to give a quick view of all the product’s information. You will be able to search and collect data easily and quicker than if you did not have this Amazon Chrome Extension. It is also a quick way for you to do research into competitors’ products without needing to click on their pages and open up new tabs.

 The Camelizer 

If you are after historical pricing data, this is the Amazon Chrome Extension you want to install. Monitoring pricing is the best feature of this extension. This extension can help you save money if you are buying products, as you can monitor the historic pricing of a product.

You can use this to set up price alerts to push information to you pertain to products that hit a certain price point. This will allow you to regularly monitor if your competitors are dropping prices, so you will know if you may also want to consider changing prices of your items.

 Amazon FBA Keyword Tool 

This Chrome Extension is all about keyword analysis. By using this Amazon Chrome Extension, you can find out how competitive your keywords are. Analyze your competitors’ keywords as well. This tool will help you analyze all the monthly searches by keyword for your product, so you can see what keywords work for your product.

There is a lot of information in this extension. You can also track average price, average reviews, and average product ratings for both your products and your competitors’ products as well. You can search the ads of your competitors to learn how to best tailor your marketing strategy for your product.

Amazon Chrome Extension FAQ

 Is there a charge for Amazon Chrome Extension? 

It depends on which Amazon Chrome Extension you select. Some are free, and some have a price. For example, Helium 10 and the Camelizer are completely free, whereas extensions like Jungle Scout come with a fee. Most at least have a free trial, so you could test them out before paying for them.

 What is Amazon assistant for Chrome? 

Amazon Assistant is the official assistant from Amazon that is geared at helping you price compare while you are shopping. This assistant is like Siri, if you are used to an iPhone. You can discover new Amazon products, track existing orders, and hunt for deals on Amazon.

 What’s a Good Sales Rank on Amazon? 

The Sales Rank is a great way to measure your success. The lower your number is, the better you are selling your products. You would rather be Number 1 than Number 30,000. If you are in the top 10,000, you should consider yourself a pretty successful seller, maybe even worthy of Best Seller status. Aim to be the best Amazon seller you can be and you are sure to find yourself having a good Sales Rank.


Let an Amazon Chrome Extension do the calculating and analyzing for you.

Which Amazon Chrome Extensions are Free?

What tools are available to use free of charge? If you want to only focus on increasing your revenues without paying a bunch of money for anything like Amazon Chrome Extensions, what options are available to help you without costing you any money?

Some of the best Free Amazon Chrome Extensions are:

  •  Helium 10 –  We mentioned this above, but it is worth a reminder that this is free. With Helium 10, you never have to leave your browser, and you can track keywords, search term rankings, research your competitors, and figure out which products will be the most profitable to sell. Not bad for a free Amazon Chrome Extension.
  •  Sonar – Sonar is a free tool that will perform Amazon keyword searches. The best way to get your product noticed is to have it appear in as many searches by Amazon users as possible. Analyzing keyword searches is the best way to see how effective your product is at being noticed.
  •  Grammarly – Grammarly is not going to necessarily sell your products for you, or provide deep analytics into your competitors. However, it is going to make sure anything you post is in good shape. It will analyze your words for spelling and grammar errors, and help your product pages look professional.
  •  Unicorn smasher – You should consider using this Amazon Chrome Extension because of its name alone. Unicorn smasher just sounds cool. Names aside, this free product will also really help you with all of your product research needs. It is going to help you find the best product that you should sell depending on the niche that you are in.
  •  DS Amazon Quick View – There are a couple different versions of this extension. There is a version you pay for, but you can also use the version that is free and accomplish quite a bit. It essentially gives you a lot of information on a product without actually clicking on it an opening up a new tab or browser. The free version is almost as good as what you pay for, it just does not have any Tech Support should you need it.

There are a lot of Amazon Chrome Extensions, some are expensive and might be worth the money. However, if you are just getting started and do not have a lot of money to invest, you do have several options for free Amazon Chrome Extensions.

Videos about Amazon Chrome Extensions

Here are some helpful videos that provide insight into Amazon Chrome Extensions.

Sometimes you want to do more than research and read articles. If you are a visual learner, check out these videos on YouTube. If you need more, there are a lot of other videos available that can also help steer you to all the information you need about Amazon Chrome Extensions.

Final Thoughts on the Best Chrome Extension for Amazon

 Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions are probably the best Chrome Extensions available for Amazon sellers. By using these extensions, you are essentially hiring a team of people to do a lot of the work for you, which will allow you to be more productive and sell more products.

No matter which Amazon Chrome Extension you choose, your life as an Amazon seller gets exponentially easier by having the help of an extension. You will have insight into your competitors’ sales data, and can determine how to best market your products.

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