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AMZ Scout Review: What You Should Know

AMZ Scout Review: What You Should Know

Tthere are many companies that are trying to help online sellers to improve their businesses and see what they can do to grow their reach. One such company is AMZ Scout who is determined to give online sellers as much relevant information as possible to give them a fighting chance on the online market.

Today we will take a look at AMZScout and all they have to offer so you can see just what it is they can do for you. Before looking into the application itself, lets first take a look at a relevant tool that will help you get your online business off the drawing board.

What is AmazeOwl?

Before starting any online business, you first need to understand what exactly it is you are getting yourself into. Knowing what the current marketplace is like and what the future of online shopping could demand will give you an advantage over the competition who never leaves their small market bubble. To help new online sellers understand what their new businesses will be up against, AmazeOwl helps them to understand the market so new sellers can enter the market with confidence.

Similar to the AMZ Scout fba calculator, AmazeOwl has the ability to help sellers fins relevant products to sell from their platform and then track them over time as they grow and sell more products. AMZ Scout is great to use once you are up and running your online business, but AmazeOwl is what will help you start selling products in the first place. The majority of the application’s user base are first time business owners with little or no experience, so you don’t need to have any experience to start seeing success with AmazeOwl. They have plenty of features to get you comfortable in the online market and have many success stories to motivate you and your new business. As an added bonus, all of the tools and features you would need as a new business operator are free to use an give you everything you need to be ahead of the competition before even selling a single product.

If you understand what makes the market tick, then you will be able to start your business with more knowledge than current companies who are falling behind. With the product search tool, you can scan for millions of successful products before even ordering a single unit so you know what kind of profits you can expect and how much you will have to pay to have the product. An abundance of data is at your fingertips with the market data features available so you can see graphs and charts that plot out product and sales data, so you know which markets to enter into before even starting. Even once you have started your business, the application will help keep you on track until you are ready to upgrade to an application like AMZScout. Now that we know how a business can start online, let’s look how AMZScout can ensure that your business rises to the top.

AMZScout Pricing

Once you have committed to online sales and business, you can start to dive into AMZScout and see what it can offer you and your business to start seeing some serious growth. The first things most businesses want to know when using any online application is how much it is going to cost them to use it. Thankfully, AMZScout gives you a range of options to choose from as to how you want to use it. If you are looking for just a free application, they have you covered. However, if you want even more data, some payment will get you all the information you could ever need. Let’s take a look at what you get for free and for paying with AMZScout.

Free Account

When you choose to use this service for free, you are still getting plenty of great features and guidance that can be directly applied to help your business. One of the best free tools you get access to is the AMZScout FBA calculator which gives you the ability to know exactly what kinds of sales you can expect to see on Amazon and gives you information on the fees you will have to pay to Amazon for their services. In addition, you will also be given access to a comparison tool for Amazon versus eBay so your prices can be very competitive. For a free account, you really get tremendous value with AMZScout.

Pro Account

If you are looking for one of the best online FBA and online selling experiences, the AMZ Scout Pro level account will have you covered on all sides. The Pro extension gives you all of the same benefits as the free account with many more great features that you unlock by paying. The Pro account gives you access to large amounts of data on products, market prices, and competitor information to give you a complete picture of the online market. You can get the pro account for free for a short time and then pay $44.99 a month for future services. However, you can pay a onetime fee of $199 for a lifetime plan that will see you making your money back in less than five months!

AMZScout Web App VS AMZScout Chrome Extension

When you first get invested in the AMZScout ecosystem, you may begin to realize that they have a wide range of products to give their users a helping hand when they use their application. The two most popular user interfaces are the web application for the tool and the AMZScout Chrome extension. Let’s take a brief look at what exactly each option is and how you can best use it.

The Web App

Similar to most other FBA and online selling tools, AMZScout has a very comprehensive online website. Not only does it have all the features you could ever need, but it is very visually appealing and easy to navigate. The web application is the place to go to when you need to see all of the data available to make smart decisions about how you want to continue operating your business. You can look at many sets of data and analytics to give you informed and justified actions to take given the past and current trends of a given market segment. The web application is best used when you are doing a deep dive into a particular product or market and need to see as much information as possible to help you recognize trends and patterns in the industry. Having access to so much data and information with the web application makes it perfect for planning your future sales and business plans before putting them into action.

The Extension

When you just need some quick information on the go and don’t want to load up several web pages, the AMZScout extension is a great option for convenient and easy product searches. If you need to make some quick FBA calculations or need to check up on a product, you can use the extension to give you just the information you need and nothing else for an easy to understand and search for data. If you want to do some quick calculations on the go for understanding potential fees and profit outcomes, you can pull up the extension with ease to be immediately immersed in all the data you could need on the go. When you already have a product that seems to be doing well, you can use the application to monitor its progress and ensure that its sales numbers keep on rising. The Chrome extension is perfect for the quick product check-in when you want to make sure everything is flowing smoothly.

AMZScout Tools

With an understanding for the power and potential of AMZScout, you must be wondering what specific things it can do for your business. Thankfully, the application has a long list of tools and support that is offered to make your business run smoothly.

  1. Here’s a list of the tools included:
  2. FBA Fee Caclulator
  3. Amazon to eBay Comparison Tool
  4. Stock Stats
  5. Sales Estimator
  6. Trend Graphs
  7. Product History Tracker
  8. Competition Analysis

Let’s take a look at the tools you get with AMZ Scout so you can see just how useful they can be.

FBA Fee Calculator

When it comes to online selling, using FBA is your best bet to grow your company and see as many sales as possible. FBA, or fulfilment by Amazon, is a service that allows Amazon to take care of storing and shipping your products for you with their large infrastructure of facilities and employees. This service is great to grow your business, but you normally have to calculate many fees to understand what it will cost you to work with Amazon to take care of your products. With the AMZScout FBA fee calculator, you can have the application software take care of all of the complex calculations that need to be done to understand what you will have to pay Amazon for their services. With fees changing all the time, having an easy to use calculator that gives you the fee calculations makes your life easier and takes away plenty of stress.

Amazon to eBay Compare

One of the more unique tools, the Amazon to eBay comparison tool is able to give you even more information than normal sources. With online selling being conducted across many platforms, having the ability to see what prices are being charged on eBay will help guide you to make better Amazon prices for your products. When you use this tool, you will be able to see the eBay price of a product when shopping or selling on Amazon so you can see where the cheaper prices are and adjust accordingly. Knowing what other online marketplaces are charging for your products will allow you to always offer the best deals to your customers.

Stock Stats

Knowing the competition you are facing in sales has been the foundation of business ever since the very first trades were being made. Knowing what you are going up against on the online market is the difference between being the top seller and the odd man out. The Stock Stats application offered by AMZ Scout will give you plenty of information to know how well your competition is doing. For example, you will be able to see how many units of a certain product your competitor has so you can see how many units they are selling compared to you. You have the ability to see every seller who is selling the same product as you and have the power to compare the statistics between you so you know who is getting the best results and success with their sales approach.

Sales Estimator

When first deciding to sell a product, you have to make many specific reasons to either pursue or a reject a product. When you need to know how a product could do, having a tool like the sales estimator could be the difference between a great product launch and wasted potential. What this tool allows you to do is enter in your product and its relevant sales category to see how your sales could look in the future. You can enter in specific products and their category to be informed of how well or poorly certain products will do in the future. You can see a monthly breakdown of potential sales that could happen in the future so that you can determine whether or not you want to invest in a new product or look somewhere else for better results.

Trend Graphs

Many business professionals dedicate their careers to plotting business data and history so others can use the information to make better decisions in the future. Understanding graphs and what they represent may seem complicated, but AMZScout provides you with easy to read and understand graphs that make understanding trends very clear. With detailed and niche trend graphs, the power you will have to predict future trends and get ready to adjust your business is priceless. One of the Pro benefits you get when paying for the upgrade is access to plenty of relevant and detailed trend graphs that show you the sales of a past products so you can better understand how they are currently doing and could do in the future. Knowing what opportunities exist in the marketplace allow you to be one step ahead of the market to be ready to sell the latest products to a desperate market.

Product History Tracker

Knowing how a product did in the past can be one of the best ways to see how it will do in the future. Using the past to prepare for the future will allow you as a seller to know if a product is fading out of popularity or about to see a resurgence. The product tracking features you can use with AMZ Scout allow you to be aware of how products have been doing in the past and are currently doing so you can start to prepare for a shift in the market. Every product on Amazon has a different past and knowing the life of the products you sell will keep you ready to take the right action at any time to keep your business profitable.

Competition Analysis

While having a firm understanding of your own business is great, knowing how your competition is doing is even more valuable. Knowing how many units and what product your competition is selling can give you an idea of how much of the market they are taking away from your sales potential. The competition analyzing potential that AMZScout offers you gives you a very specific and detailed breakdown of each of your competitors so you can track and follow their sales to give you a thorough understanding of what you can do better to be at the top of every market you compete in.


How much does AMZScout Cost?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of AMZScout can vary drastically depending on your needs. If you are just looking for the most basic features of an online FBA calculator, the you could probably get away with just using the free version of the application to help you with your basic needs. For being a free application, the basic level of AMZScout rivals and even beats out some of the competitors who don’t give you the free features offered until you pay them. However, if you are looking for a better user experience and more features, you should look into the paid variants of AMZScout. The AMZScout Pro package is the paid subscription level that will cost you $44.99 a month. With this level, you are going to receive all of the Pro features that the application offers to businesses for extra help. You will have a greater understanding of your products and the market than ever before with an edge over the competition in all aspects. If you want to save a ton of money, you can pay a fee of $199 one time for a lifetime subscription to the service! This upgrade saves you money after five months and allows you to have AMZScout Pro for the rest of your life. Even if you stop your online business down the road, the investment will offer huge potential to you and allow you to make smarter market decisions in the future.

Can I cancel my AMZScout Subscription?

If for some reason you find that you no longer need your AMZScout Pro subscription, then you have some different options to cancel your subscription. Before starting any subscription, you should use the free test period to allow yourself to try the application out before buying it and potentially wasting money. Trying the product out before buying it will give you time to see its usefulness to your needs and helps you determine if it is a good fit for your company. If you are paying by the month for the service, then you can cancel the subscription when you no longer wish to use the service and will have the payments stop being made after the most recent billing cycle. If you have bought the lifetime subscription, then you will be unable to get a refund for the price because the one-time payment was not based on a subscription and cannot be refunded.

What markets does AMZScout support?

If you are looking to enter the Amazon marketplace, then knowing what products would be best to sell and avoid will keep you ahead of the competition when choosing what to sell. When you use AMZScout, you will have an inside glimpse into the Amazon marketplace to see the life cycle of every product down to the smallest details to give you the best idea of where you should allocate your time and resources. When it comes to finding the right market to enter into with your business, AMZScout will allow you to find success in almost every market. With millions of products on their database, the application Nd software can find products from any market on Amazon and give you the product’s potential and past sales so that you can enter into the market that is most ready to accept your sales. If you study the data carefully and are smart with your planning, you will be able to enter into those markets best suited to your strengths so that you can be as competitive as possible.


With AMZScout having so much to offer to new and existing businesses on Amazon, it is no wonder that so many successful sellers have been working with them for so long to grow and monitor their business. No that you understand everything that can be accomplished with AMZScout and what it can do for your business, you can try it today and start seeing why it has the potential to completely change your online sales future.

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