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Amazon Keyword Tool: The Key to Better Product Rank

Amazon Keyword Tool: The Key to Better Product Rank

Amazon is among the biggest marketplace for both selling stuff and purchasing any type of goods. With so many merchants and purchasers, the environment on this platform is quite competitive for the merchants and to stay ahead of the competition they must take every step wisely.

If you are planning of becoming a successful seller of this marketplace, keep in mind that it is not as simple as just placing your items of Amazon rather there are several other important elements involved such as product research, determining fulfillment fees, etc. Some of which you must take into account before introducing the goods while some after you have launched your goods.

An important element that you must focus on as a merchant is to use the appropriate and most suitable words in your item’s content because a better rank for search results can be achieved on the search engine of Amazon through the perfect words which mean more buyers will view your goods and hence there will be more sales.

However, the key factor here is that correct words must be used without stuffing them in the text. If you repeat the keywords and stuff them it will not only have a negative impact on your item’s rank but will also hurt its performance.

Here, you must be thinking how can the precise words for the goods be determined and how to evaluate if they are if they will actually work for you? Don’t worry, there is no need to spend hours upon hours on scrolling and browsing to discover them as there are many top-notch tools available for this purpose. You read that right, through this software, it is just a matter of a few minutes.

This article will discuss in detail about the basis of SEO on Amazon and the way of discovering them including top amazon keyword research tools.

How Are Keywords Useful?

They are vital for making your goods become more visible in the results of search done by purchasers so that they are more visible to them and in turn, have increased chances of being purchased by them.

Amazon, like many other search engines, has an algorithm known as A9 to rank the goods. Since Amazon is a huge marketplace for selling stuff, its main agenda is to sell as many items as possible which is why its algorithm for search is developed to work based on the relevancy and the no. of sales.

Let us suppose, you are a shopper and search for running shoes on Amazon and it displays a list which consists of both running shoes as well as backpacks. Wouldn’t you be annoyed? That’s exactly it! Every shopper wants to get the most relevant items for their search that is why the algorithm for search is designed to show them the relevant goods and the goods can be made relevant for several search results through these keywords.

When you list your goods through phrases or keywords, you are actually making sure that your goods appear in the search results of the related queries. However, you must not stuff them which can literally make you listings ineffective.

Where Are Keywords Placed on Amazon?

These are used on Amazon in the listings of the goods more specifically in the title and features section. Moreover, for SEO reasons backend words are also added to the seller central backed section.

In Title of the Items

When shoppers visit your page, the first thing they probably notice is the title which is why it must be accurate and convincing. It is quite significant in terms of SEO practices as well.

Let us assume you are a shopper looking for a top-notch luggage bag. When you search for it in on the site you see several items, what is the first thing you will read in order to know what the item offers? Its title. Right?

The thing is titles are short almost around 250 characters and most of the buyers don’t have time and patience to read the details of each item and then decide whether it is worth it or not. That is why they just read the title and shortlist the items.

In this section, one must try to mention the name of the company, key features of the item, its size and the colors it is available in and remember to do this through popular keywords. These words in the title can be searched in every order which makes it useless to repeat them again and again. So instead of repeating them pay attention to the other important details.

In the Features Section of Items

Once shoppers are interested in your goods through the title, they usually jump to the features section to see if your goods are worth it. So use the 1000 characters wisely and show the shoppers why your item is different for other similar items.

Basically through this content, you give them the reasons to purchase your item. For writing the most convincing content, consider yourself a shopper to understand what will convince them that it is the perfect item. These are written in bullet points.

For optimization purposes, it is the best place to insert the precise phrases and terms that you couldn’t fit in the title. This means in this section you should not repeat the keywords present in the title. When using phrases features, make sure that the sentences make sense otherwise this section will be useless.

The purpose of these in the content of features is the same as the title, to land your goods on the search page of the different search queries of the shoppers.

Seller Central Backend

Many sellers especially newbies don’t know about backend keywords and how they can be utilized for SEO. These words are actually not visible anywhere in your listings rather they are used in the seller central account specifically at the backend.

These play as vital role in the optimization and ranking of the goods as the ones in title and features. So now you know why they are important and must be used properly.

Which keywords do you actually use? The ones that are most appropriate but you couldn’t insert them in the title. Since there is only 250 character limit for these, utilize it properly and don’t repeat them rather insert the new ones.

The Purpose of Amazon keyword search tool

It is a very useful tool which lets the sellers discover the most suitable keywords for their goods in order to help them with SEO purpose so that they can rank their products higher on the search results of the site.

Some tools also let you eliminate the extra and useless phrases from your content to enhance it while some also show you the number of times the keyword was searched for. Some of these also come as a browser plugin, allowing you to discover the results without leaving the page of the item.

There are many such reliable tools available for those launching something on this platform, a few of them are absolutely free to use while other can be purchased in the form of subscription plans either monthly or yearly.

Whether you want to utilize these time saving and efficient tools or not is totally up to you but many top sellers on Amazon are using them to improve their descriptions and operate effectively.

Top Paid Tools for Discovering Keywords

Below are some of the best tools for which you might have to pay a little but they produce accurate results.

  • Jungle Scout
  • Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • Viral Launch
  • Helium 10
  • SellerApp
  • MerchantWords
  • Kparser
  • Ama Suite

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout keyword tool is known as “Keyword Scout” which is a very efficient software. It finds the relevant and popular terms for you as well as displays the accurate figure of the times it was searched by buyers. By using these results one can pick the perfect ones from the lot.

Moreover, it calculates the total amount required for investment in the advertisements so that your goods can land on the first page. Not to mention, it displays the relevancy score, through which it can be assessed if more keywords are required or not.

Since Jungle Scout is a complete toolset for sellers, it doesn’t only help with keywords but consists of several other features as well. With the help of product research, you can select the most profitable goods to sell. You can determine the sales that a particular item and generates and the profits you can earn.

Many other useful stats such as the number of units sold each day, seller rank and the total number of reviews, etc. You can also evaluate the “Opportunity Score” to analyze if a certain product has the potential to perform well or not. Furthermore, you can use charts and graphs to make the analysis easy.

The keyword finder along with other functions is available in terms of 3 pricing plans. The extension only allows 10 searches for words and can be accessed for $39/ month. If you wish to use it without any limit you can either subscribe to the web app plan for $49/month or a combination of both app and extension for $69/month.

Keyword Tool

This is another amazing tool for discovering valuable keywords. Through this software, users can not only get keywords for Amazon but for many other platforms as well such as Google, Instagram, etc. This basic feature is free to use, however, to get access to more advanced functions the Pro version can be purchased.

The pro basic package costs $89/month while the pro plus and pro business plans are available for $99 and $199 per month respectively. Yearly subscriptions are also available for all three plans.

Keyword Tool Dominator

This tool quickly finds the suitable words and also displays their rank. Its database consists of terms that customers search for and hence produce precise results. It has many other software for various platforms such as YouTube and Walmart etc.

The Dominator Tool can be used for free, however, the complete package for amazon costs $49.99 which is a one-time payment.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a popular tool among online merchants for discovering the right items for selling but its tool for finding suitable keywords is quite efficient as well. It shows accurate and only the most appropriate words along with the volume of the times they were searched by using Amazon’s data. The key feature of this app is that it even brings users the keywords that other sellers might be missing. Furthermore, it aids you in writing your listings.

This tool is available with other features of Viral Launch through four pricing plans starting from $59/month. The other three packages with more advanced tools cost $99, $149 and $399 per month.

Helium 10

Named as Magnet the Helium 10 software has a huge database and it picks the most valuable keywords for your goods. It lets you apply filters such as search stats and word count etc. to make the search more specific which in turn will make it easy for you to only select the most accurate words.

You need put in the main term or word and in the results, you will get many other terms relevant to it. This tool will also estimate the amount of times different buyers searched for a specific term to help you determine its performance.

Magnet can be used without any cost through the Free plan but it only allows 2 searches every day. For more features, you can purchase one of the three pricing plans available for $97, $197 and $397 per month.


With a database of over 135 million terms, this tool brings the appropriate keywords for you that still don’t have much competition. It will display the relevance score, search volume and impression rates to help you identify the perfect keywords. Furthermore, long-tail terms can also be found through this app.

To use this feature along with many other you can either subscribe to the pro lite version for $99/month or the professional plan for $199/month. There is also an Enterprise package that can be purchased at a custom price.


With this tool, you can create the appropriate phrases that can enhance your listings. Its enormous database gets its data from the search bar of Amazon. This software supports 11 amazon sites.

It is available in terms of three subscription plans named Silver, Gold, and Platinum that cost $29, $79 and $149 per month. If you subscribe to the annual plan, you will get 2 months free.


Using more precise filters, this tool produces high-quality results within few minutes. Through this software, you can find keywords for different search engines such as Amazon, Goole, Youtube, etc. For more advanced features, you can subscribe to one of the 3 available plans starting from $26 per month.

Ama Suite

This toolset is packed with various features for sellers including keyword finder. It will ask you to enter the main term for your item and will present you with several words suitable for your term. It is available as an app for PC and can be purchased for $97.

Top Free Amazon Keyword Tool

There are several tools available without any cost as well that provide quite accurate results. Some of the top free products are mentioned below.

  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Amazon Autocomplete
  • Sonar
  • Google Keyword Planner

Keywords Everywhere

This tool is available as a plugin for Chrome and Firefox web browsers and lets you find valuable keywords quickly. It shows you the number of times a certain word was searched for while you type them. However, these are just the estimation and hence aren’t very accurate. Furthermore, you can also analyze the density of keywords.

Amazon Autocomplete

This is a tool from amazon which can be used directly on their site. It is actually not a separate tool rather it is embedded in Amazon’s search bar. When you type any word many other related terms will appear on the search bar. It doesn’t have any advanced features such as stats of search done for a specific word but still is good enough to give you some right keywords.


It is effective and easy to use software that brings the best information for you by using the data directly from Amazon. All that is required is the main term that is relevant to your goods and it will show you many other words that suit your phrases.

Google Keyword Planner

This free tool is also quite simple but produces high-quality results. It is developed by Google and uses its data to generate results. You just have to put in some search terms and in return, you will get a list of words relevant to your terms.

Is Amazon keywords tool enough for boosting Sales?

Since you are now aware of the top tools for discovering keywords it might occur to you is it the only tool I need? Well, for keyword purposes it is enough, however, for boosting your sales the utilization of the right phrases is not the only thing required. The process of selling goods successfully consists of various steps for which you need different tools.

The first and most important step is to select the right item for selling. Now, what exactly is the right item? It is that product which shoppers are looking to buy but doesn’t have much competition yet. This means it will be able to generate a large about of sales and hence will produce a great profit and income for you.

But for this, you have to analyze data of several similar products in the niche and calculate the estimated sales which can be done easily through different tools developed for this purpose.

Once you have finalized the goods to sell, you need to calculate the fulfillment fee and other costs associated with that particular item. The fulfillment fee includes the cost of storing the goods, their packaging and shipping charges. You can either choose fulfillment by merchant or fulfillment by Amazon “FBA.”

No matter which method you select you must determine all the costs beforehand which gives you the estimate of the investment that is required. Since calculating these manually can be a tiring and time-consuming process it is best to use the tools which calculate everything automatically.

There are various other software for merchants as well such as for keeping an eye on their competitors and monitoring their own performance.


To achieve success on Amazon you need to operate efficiently and always look for increasing your sales. One way to do is to enhance the title and description of your goods by targeting the correct keywords so that your items can appear higher on the search engine of Amazon.

With the right approach, you can generate more sales because they will help you land higher on the results of different search queries which means more shoppers will view your goods and there is a greater chance they will buy it. They are used in the title and features section of your goods’ listing.

However, finding the keywords by yourself is very time-consuming and can be an inaccurate method which is why there are many tools developed by reputed companies such as Jungle Scout, Helium 10 and Viral Launch, etc. that brings you the relevant keywords within minutes and also show you the search volumes. Some tools are free while other can be purchased, which one you use depends on what type of features you are looking for.


Q: What are Keywords?

A: These are specific terms that can aid you land in the search results of different queries of shoppers. Basically, these are the words that customers search for and hence make your goods relevant to their search queries. In terms of Amazon, these are paced in the title and features of the goods and the site uses the A9 algorithm to rank the goods based on their sales and keyword optimization.

Q: How many keywords can you use on Amazon?

A: It depends on where you want to use them. If you are using them in the title you have a 250 characters limit whereas for the features section you have a limit of 1000 characters. However, you must not stuff them because this annoys the shoppers and also have a bad impact on your rank. You should not repeat the same words in the title and features rather use other relevant keywords to enhance your performance.

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